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College of Architecture
Texas Tech University
Mail Stop 42091
Lubbock, Texas 79409
Phone 806-742-3136
Email: architecture@ttu.edu

Instructor: Chris Taylor


Review and abide by course Truisms~Studio Ethics. Students are required to comply with the College Academic Policies, Attendance Policy, Architecture Building Policies, and the Retention of Student Work Policy.

Given the nature and intensity of Studio 1 it is very important all participants help create a constructive and appropriate culture in the studio. As an elaboration of the studio Truisms all students are required to comply with the studio rules outlined below. These rules describe specific issues to make studios great learning environments. For this course studio space is shared and a privilege. Failure to comply with any studio policies and rules will result in a loss of studio privileges outside of class meeting times.


Rule #1:The inconvenienced person in the studio is always right.

If for any reason the activities of a colleague in this or any adjacent studio is hindering your ability to work then you are to ask them to cease that activity immediately. They can move their work elsewhere if they want to continue the annoying activity. The building shops should be used for activities that create excessive noise, dust, or hazardous work conditions.

Regardless of circumstances, anyone failing to immediately cease an activity a colleague deems disruptive will be banned from the studio space outside of class time for the remainder of the semester. Be respectful of others and the shared use of the studio.

Rule #2: No digital communication or media display in the studio.


At no time is it acceptable to talk on a the phone in the studio. Use the hall or other public spaces in the building for phone calls 24 / 7 / 365. Refrain from answering your phone during class time. Turn it off or silence the wringer to avoid the distraction.

Text Message viewing or creation of any sort in the studio is considered a distraction and should like the phone be conducted outside of the studio and not during class time.

Televisual Programming

At no time in the studio is it acceptable to display or broadcast a motion picture, television show, or internet video. Even if you work outside of the studio it is highly recommended that when you are working you focus on work specifically, then watch whatever programming propels your interests. Craft and the intelligence of actions comes from focus in your work. It is extremely to develop this focus, particularly at the beginning, if you do not commit you full attention to the work.

Computer Use

A computer can be a powerful tool in the creation of architecture. Often however it is not used with precision or focus and can create a significant distraction. Develop a wisdom in your use of the computer. Instant messaging of any sort is unproductive for this course.

Social Media Websites

At no time in the studio is it acceptable to use a social media website in the studio. While an argument can be made for their intelligent use in this course and in architecture studios more often they present significant distractions for the work and priorities at hand. Work in the studio, then and elsewhere connect with friends and interact with others in whatever way supports your interests.


At no time, day or night, is it acceptable to play an audible sound from any desk in the studio. Sound should only be listened to via headphones and at levels that remain within the headphones.

Rule #3: Studio must be kept healthy and safe.


Aerosol sprays of any kind are not to be used in the production of any work in this studio. Use of aerosol sprays present health and safety hazards to the entire community of the college and projects in the studio are designed explicitly not to use them. Work found to have employed an aerosol spray in its production will be disposed of outside the building and assigned a grade of 0.

Food & Drink

No eating during class. There are break areas throughout the building for you to use. Food products or wrappers should never be disposed of in the studio--use the hallway receptacles.

Drinks are welcome in the studio but no drink should ever be set on or above the level of the desks. Keep all bottles and cups below your work and your computer.

Architecture Building Policies

All students in this class must comply with the Architecture Building Policies and the Architecture Building Access Policy.

Rule #4: All rules ~ Truisms ~ apply in the studio always, 24 / 7 / 365.

Ultimately, as a Texas Tech student you are beholden to all of the responsibilities and expectations outlined in the Texas Tech University Student Handbook.

GENERAL NOTE: The second time someone is caught doing one of these things in this course will be cause for dismissal for the day as absent. The third time will result in failure of the course.

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