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SESSION 2 - AWARENESS — Project Statement

Session 2 will open the question of how to create the GSLEP base station on the banks of the Great Salt Lake, a liminal boundary shifting in both plan and section. How can architecture exist within such dynamic conditions? The particular identity and character of the Great Salt Lake Exploration Platform (GSLEP) will be a point of entry for the investigation. The parameters of site and program—both performative in scope and more experientially dynamic than quantifiable by normative limits of property lines and functional area allotments—will provide propelling force and tangible conditions to operate with. Unlike standard architectural practice placing refined forms or adjacency solutions within the setbacks of a site, this project requires an evolutionary approach. The straightforward necessities of survival and operation within a profoundly unique site are the material resistance to work with. Finding ways to actualize, to make tangible, those modes of resistance will be vital in this second session of the studio.


  • Awareness of positions and intentions manifested in tangible evidence.
  • Actualized modes of resistance—material, physical, and perceptual—aiding design process.
  • Clear formation of project conditions—site and program.
  • Schematic project proposal and agenda.

Schematic Programmatic Requirements

  • GSLEP storage space with deployable access to water and road (via trailer).
  • GSLEP maintenance and service shop.
  • Infrastructure collection and dispersal of power, water and waste.
  • Resident lodging.
  • Interpretation space / public gallery.


  • Perceptual drawings describing schematic ambitions and opportunities.
  • Experiential models of various scales and performative investigations.
  • Sketch model evolution within the daily practice apparatus.
  • Process studies and prints.


  • Assigned: 2 February 2015
  • Due: 25 February 2015
  • 10% of course total.

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