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Path + Place + Threshold
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Mass and Void



Mass and Void

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Class Session: 03/10/2015

-Assignments for Spring break

-Complete axon's based on what we talked about in class. Remember to always attend class, even if you don't finish everything, it is better to be here in studio. -Complete any other drawing you may have yet to finish -Complete Scale/Instagram collaborative assignment for Tuesday

-Drawing assignment- 10 diagrams total of, Path Place and Threshold Minimum (Axon view) (5 sheets of 11x17) 1 diagram that represents the axon as 3 hierarchy's, Path, place, Threshold (1 sheet 11x17) 3 diagram Composite "model like drawings" (1 sheet 11x17)

Remember to start your model soon, be sure to take time and craft into consideration. (These are not due Tuesday but might be looked on where you are at in terms of completion)

-Email us with pictures or questions with anything you may have concern with. Goodluck and have a great Spring Break


Class Session: 03/8/2015 Today we talked about a multitude of to do and not to do when it comes to selecting your materials. Remember that geometry,material choice, and what you're communicating, (point line plane = to path place threshold) come from your diagrams, and will further iterate itself into a spatial diagram yet sophisticated volume model. Hopefully we took notes during this discussion and have good tips to go by. (JUST SAY NO TO FOAM CORE, of anytype )

-Assignment- We will be addressing next class the exploded Axonometric, also referred to as the plan oblique drawing. I assigned two drawings in order to help you make a better exploded axon drawing. Use your composite axon drawing (When all the volumes are together) to create a complete axon drawing. What is due tomorrow for the daily grade is the "Exploded Axon Drawing" (24"x 36" vellum)

If you have any questions or concerns for the assignment, see the lecture notes first and get started on the drawings so you can take a picture of the question if we are not there to assist.

Class Session: 03/3/2015 Today we covered and talked collectively about the Section Cut drawing assignment. This Conversation was a general discussion about what to look for and how much detail to put into your section drawings. Line-weights are going to be the key component as always. Remember to take notes during these discussions. For the remainder of the class we discussed the next assignment for diagramming your completed Section Cut drawings, the materials in which to use for communicating these diagrams and what the materials that will eventually your models. The next assignment,for Path, Place, Threshold is a total of 13, 11by 17 diagram drawings and 4 models.All of these were explained in class Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Also keep a look out on the Wiki for this weekends reading assignment.

Class Session: 03/1/2016 Today we covered and talked collectively about the second drawing assignment (diagrams). This Conversation was a general discussion about each of the diagrams as a class. Line-weights are going to be the key component to any diagram, as well as the context that you are analyzing. For the remainder of the class we discussed the next assignment for drawing your building, found in The Section Cut of the lectures. For Section drawing, we will taking one dramatic cut through the building. This translates into the most interesting section of your building. Since there is only one section drawing to be done on the 24x36 sheet of vellum, you will need to decide on a larger scale than of which you drew your plan and elevations. Remember that these section drawings are detailed, and with more detail requires more precise lines and knowing what you are really cutting through. Feel free to do more research on the components of your building that you still are unsure about.

Welcome & Materials List: 02/23/2016 This will be the link to go to when you get lost or perhaps forgot what we mentioned in class. Please remember that we will be starting off the bat and will be discussing your first assignment given today (plan and elevations) next class this thursday. Also If you haven't purchased your Materials List for the section, please do so for that we will be jumping right into the next assignment after and moves at a rather quick pace. Feel free to contact Christopher (me) or Sergio with any questions or concerns with the class. Best regards, Christopher Verette Christopher.Verette@ttu.edu