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The Annual Lubbock Lights concert on 18 February 2016 will feature Terry Allen and his iconic double album Lubbock (On Everything). Because of this, and many other elements in the vortex, this section of Studio III will be activated by sound, place, and people. Food will undoubtably factor in as it does with everything. The studio will be rigorous. We'll make much use of our hands, generating lots of dust, as we strive to continue building a solid foundation for the education of architects.

A waitress asked me what I did
I told her I tried to make art
She asked me if I made any money
I said, No I have to teach to do that
She asked me what I taught and where
I told her, she told me, she liked art
But that she couldn't draw a straight line
I told her if she could reach for something
And pick it up she could draw a line
That was straight enough
She said, she weren't interested in that kind of drawing
But always liked horses, I said "I did too"
But they're hard to draw, she said,Yes, that was very true
Said she could do the body okay, but never get the head
Tail or legs, I told her she was drawing sausages, not horses
She said no, they were horses
Allen, Terry. “Beautiful Waitress.” Lubbock (On Everything). 

Fate Records, 1979. Reissued: Sugar Hill Records, 1995.

Notes for what is due for out next class can be found at Assignment Notes (added in to left side bar), and John Hejduk and the Texas Rangers have been added to studio reference page.

2016 ARCH 2502 Taylor PERFORMANCE Site Analysis

2016 ARCH 2502 Lubbock (on everything) SITE - https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zAOctxxIIGdA.kW2mfh2gATbU&usp=sharing

2/26/2016 Attendance: Studio is lit!!! / / / / / SUPER / / / / / /

Are we given the freedom to place our 50' x 75' site anywhere on the truck man's land or does it have to run parallel to Stubb's, 50' across and 75' long? If we must run parallel to Stubb's, could we arrange it 75' across and 50' long?

The site is parallel to the Stubb's memorial and oriented in the same way with 75' north-south and 50' east-west. Within that you can locate your 25'x50' folly anywhere. Paths and elements defining paths can occur outside the folly limits within the site. 

Can we offset the 75' x 50' limit about 10' away from Stubb's to avoid the tree line? Or are the trees something we must incorporate within our limits?

Yes, let's keep the trees in place and start our site 10' east of the hardscaping of the Stubb's memorial.

Sun path calculator http://www.sunearthtools.com/dp/tools/pos_sun.php