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The strategy is one of seduction: to establish a certain amount of credibility that we are dealing with architecture and then to open up a Pandora’s box of goodies.
Cook, Peter. Drawing: the motive force of architecture. Great Britain: John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2008, p.35.

PDF Project 3 Statement



Assigned: Friday 10 February 2017

Due: Friday 17 February 2017


Analyze the geometric relationships of near and distant performance precedents. Construct a composite drawing that makes visible shared relationships between the distant example project and near physical location. Combine three investigations - precedent section, local location analysis, and local location photomontage - to realize previously unseen connections. One week project operating autonomously from Project 1 & 2.


  • To understand the geometric relationships of an architecture precedent project.
  • To identify organizational geometries and locate those conditions inherent to performance in place.
  • To measure features of a site related to sight, seating, stage, and lighting.
  • To makes visible shared relationships between the precedent project and local place through the section.

Process / Sequence

  • Create a section drawing that depicts the spatial and material logic of your precedent project. Incorporate construction lines that reveal an organization of space. Draw material surfaces and main structural members, and avoid the poché.
  • Ground truth your local location. Identify site features responsible for creating sight-lines, seating, staging, slopes, and lighting.
  • Locate site features in section, and diagram spatial impacts using basic physical geometry notation of cross-hairs, center line, datum, diameter, radius, circumference, etc.
  • Create a photomontage from personal photos that unfolds the character of the local location.
  • Visualize shared and contradicting features between the precedent and local location by combining the precedent section, local location analysis, and photomontage in a single drawing.
  • Collect and synthesize written notes, drawings, image collages and other recordings of the composite drawing development.
  • Organize documentation of composite drawing, analysis and process within print and PDF folio on common studio template (17” x 11”). Post to wiki.


  • Measuring meter
  • Vertical marker
  • Compass, plumb bob, diy hysometer


  • Composite Drawing at 1”=8’-0” that includes section, analysis, photomontage
  • Precedent Project research
  • Local Location photos
  • Local Location analysis and diagraming
  • Process drawings, notes, photographs of site measurement and documentation.
  • Written statement of geometric relationships and defining features.
  • Printed folio in studio format with PDF posted to wiki.


  1. Akron Pavilion, Akron, Rural Studio
  2. Amphitheater, Ritoque, Chile, Ciudad Abierta
  3. Bengt Sjostrom Starlight Theatre, Rockford, Studio Gang
  4. Greek Theatre, Syracuse, OMA
  5. Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, Frank Lloyd Wright, FLW inspired, Frank Gehry renovations
  6. Jay Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park, Chicago, Gehry Partners
  7. North Carolina Museum of Art Cinema + Amphitheater, Raleigh, Smith-Miller + Hawkinson Architects
  8. Performance Space No. 1 - Ballroom Marfa Drive-In, MOS Architects

Local References

Google Site Map

  • A, 33.51782, -101.95531
  • B, 33.53844, -101.95373
  • C, 33.57046, -101.90358
  • D, 33.57193, -101.88172
  • E, 33.59201, -101.84691
  • F, 33.5505, -101.83592
  • G, 33.56565, -101.80231
  • H, 33.57781, -101.78766

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