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ARCH 2502 architectural design studio III

Course Information & Handouts

The course information and handouts provided below are course-wide. All students from all sections of ARCH 2502 will need to download these documents here as they become available.

| ARCH2502_2013_SYLLABUS
| ARCH2502_2013_SCHEDULE

Software Requirements

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Standard; should include Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, and In-Design (CS5.5 can be purchased at | Texas Technology Store or | Creative Engine). Studio sections will require one of the following 2D and 3D digital software; which will be determined by your specific studio instructor:

2-Dimensional: AutoCad or | Microstation
3-Dimensional: Rhino, FormZ, or Maya

Note: AutoCad 3D, Sketchup, or Revit are not allowed in this studio course.

Studio Phases

Phase01: Architectural Devices (4 wks)
Phase02: Field Analyses (2 wks)
Phase03: Architectural Performances (8 wks)

Studio Text

Allen, Stan. Points + Lines. Princeton Architectural Press: New York, 1999.
Bernard, Tschumi. Architecture and Disjunction. MIT Press: Cambridge, Mass., 1996.
Cook, Peter. Drawing : The Motive Force of Architecture. Chichester, England; Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, 2008.
Eisenman, Peter. Diagram Diaries. New York: Universe, 1999.
Lim, C. J. Devices, A Manual of Architectural + Spatial Machines. Amsterdam; Boston: Elsevier, 2006.
Leatherbarrow, David. Architecture Oriented Otherwise. Princeton Architectural Press: New York, 2009.
Reiser, Jesse and Nanako Umemoto. Atlas of Novel Tectonics. New York : Princeton Architectural Press, 2006.
Smout, Mark and Laura Allen. Augmented Landscapes. New York : Princeton Architectural Press, 2007.
Woods, Lebbeus. The Storm and the Fall. New York : Princeton Architectural Press, 2004.

Studio Rosters

You will report directly to your studio section the first day of studio

Hendrika Buelinckx, Associate Professor, RM 411

Alanis, Abel
Arzate, Eude
Bonilla, Marvin
Brennan, Chris
Drake, Wade
Dumas, Ryan
Edwards, Kendall
Frizzell, Sergei
Matthews, Tiffany
Munoz, Jorge
Nicholson, Miles
Pacheco, Andrew
Reed, Timothy
Sjue, Jordan
Sprinkle, Zack
Steinberger, Kinsey
Wences, Johnny

Lahib Jaddo, Associate Professor, RM 408

Aulakh, Surinder
Benson, Andrew
Clifford, Thomas
Craig, Jimmy
Flusche, Kyle
Henderson, Jeremy L
Homan, Mitchell
Johnson, Bryan
Leal, Justin
Longoria, Stephen
McAdory, Jeffrey
Nguyen, Jayden
Rasor, Matthew
Richter, Sadie Lynn
Rodriguez ,Rogelio
Rodriguez, Emerson
Serna, Edward
Thomas, Wesley A

Terah Maher, Visiting Assistant Professor, RM 504

Allison, Caleb
Cameron, Reagan
Evans, Joshua
Foster, Christian C
Garcia, Flavio
Iglesias, Luis Carlos
Janssen, Thomas
Jia, Zepeng
Lucas, Jeffry
Meeks, Marrisa
Montes, Joaquin
Rather, Chase
Rivera, Ismael
Rubio, Juanraymon
Swetman, Amanda
Trevino, Viviana
Van Niekerk, Aubrey
Wells, Dylan

Victoria McReynolds, Visiting Assistant Professor, RM 406

Barker, Matthew
Blair, Stephen
Bobbitt, Tiffany
Carchi, Anthony
Fadhil, Fadhil
Fealy, Angie
Fisher, Aaron
Ho, Brendan
Jeffery Tyler
Mcbride, Kaitlin
Mclouth, Douglas
Medrano, Joshua B
Pellacini, William
Ponce, Eduardo
Pope, Christopher
Purcella, Christy
Smith, Wesley D
Watkins, Nicholas

Jeffrey S Nesbit, Assistant Professor, Coordinator, RM 502

Ammons, Leslie
Birdwell, Timothy
Blake, Gaby
Bradshaw, Taylor
Castillo, Abigail
Freres, Mark
Garcia-Medino, Ana
Lightfoot, Caleb
Mohammed, Hamza
Petty, Clifton
Ramos, Mario
Reynolds, Sean
Taylor, Donathan
Valentine, Miles
Vital, Luneoufall
Walker, Patrick
Wiener, Thalia
Wilson, Sawyer

note: The only possibility of switching studios, is to find another individual in the desired studio to switch with and must occur before Friday January 18th, noon. You must notify Professor Nesbit via email at jeff.nesbit@ttu.edu

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