About Us


The Architecture Research and Design Center (ARDC) was created in 1993 to meet research objectives of the College of Architecture. The Research Committee of the college is responsible for strategic planning and faculty guidance of the ARDC. The day to day operations of the ARDC are managed by the Associate Dean of Research and two staff.

Dr. Saif Haq, Associate Dean of Research of the College of Architecture, is the executive director of the ARDC. He is responsible of the development of the policy and procedures of the center and assisting faculty in obtaining support for their scholarship.

Trish Hart, executive assistant, provides day to day administrative support of the ARDC, assists faculty with the management (budgeting and payroll) of their research accounts, and serves as a liaison for faculty with Texas Tech University’s Office of Research Services.

The ARDC has three laboratories that direct research, design, service and scholarly activity in three focal areas. Each complements a specialized area of study in the Master of Science in Architecture program. Each laboratory has a dedicated facility for the performance of research, design and service activities. The ARDC provides equipment and administrative support for each of the labs and for general access by the faculty of architecture. These facilities contain high performance computing workstations for use by lab faculty and their research assistants.

These labs and their missions are:

Community Design Laboratory: The Community Design Laboratory (CDL) is dedicated to the provision of planning, design, and development research and services to regional communities with a strong emphasis on stakeholder participation from all aspects of community life. This laboratory is directed by MaryAlice Torres-MacDonald.

Historic Preservation Laboratory: The Historical Preservation Lab (HPL) is dedicated to the provision of research, service, and scholarly activity directed towards the preservation of the architectural heritage with a strong emphasis on the documentation and assessment of architectural and archaeological structures. This laboratory is directed by John White, AIA.

Visualization Laboratory: The Visualization Laboratory (VIZLab) is dedicated to the provision of research, service and scholarly activity in visualization of art, architecture and science with a strong emphasis on design visualization, virtual interpretation, and documentation of architecture and archaeology. The director of this laboratory is Glenn Hill.