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The College of Architecture’s Graduate Certificate in Digital Design and Fabrication (DDF) is dedicated to advance design knowledge and pursue innovation in the process of making architecture. The Graduate Certificate in Digital Design and Fabrication is positioned at the intersection of architecture, engineering and computation with a profound sustainable and interdisciplinary direction. Students develop a set of skills geared towards a “digital-craft” based professional orientation with emphasis on design techniques, advanced material processes and fabrication methodologies

The College of Architecture’s Certificate in Digital Design and Fabrication (DDF)is intended to respond dynamically to recent market changes by offering courses that provide knowledge directly related to digital and information-driven design-build projects.

Market changes in Architectural Practice

A change in the process of architecture through the technological evolution of “drawings” is occurring today, but in contrast with the renaissance, it is reconfiguring the whole building industry, involving the architect in an emerging networked team of design and construction specialists. New communication and knowledge exchange techniques supported with information technology (IT) are disrupting time frames and spatial relationships between key players and facilitating inclusiveness and collaborative project delivery. The cyberarchitect in the new role of the integrative generalist or design specialist forms part of the emerging creative class, to use a term suggested by Richard Florida of Carnegie Mellon University.

The current project delivery process in the construction industry in the US, is shifting from a traditional design- bid- build process to a streamlined design- build process. This emerging trend is supposed to become more dominant in the years to come in particular driven by new market players such as design engineering firms and media savy construction developers. Individual architecture firms not ready for this change will ultimately fall behind, unless they deliberately follow up by engaging new expertise in the field of computational design related to fabrication and construction technology advances.

Certificate Requirements

The DDF Graduate Certificate is a specialty component of the Digital Design and Fabrication Program. A Certificate of specialization can be obtained by anyone with an approved undergraduate degree from any college or school at Texas Tech, or from any other university in the world by taking a minimum of 14 hours of core courses in the DDF program.

Designers and Architects
Designers and Architects with professional experience can obtain the certificate by taking a minimum of 12 hours of core courses in the DDF program. If courses are not offered every semester, courses can be taken different to the suggested order.

Please contact the director | Dustin White for tuition costs.

DDF Certificate overview

DDF Certificate degree sheet