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College of Architecture
Texas Tech University
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Email: architecture@ttu.edu

The Health Facilities Design Certificate will offer specialty courses to graduate students and design professionals in health care design with special emphasis on evidence-based design. Successful completion of the certificate will position graduates to be employed in the health facilities design sector of architecture industry and play a leading role in evidence-based design.

Current TTU students complete this form and contact Program Director for admission into Certificate Program. [http://www.depts.ttu.edu/gradschool/docs/current/ChangeStudyObjCurrent.pdf |

Some information about HealthCare and Architecture

The Newest Multidisciplinary Trend in Architecture Education: Public Health

Relevance in Transition: Architects as Healthcare Providers

Opportunities available for graduates from this program

Board certification by American College of Healthcare Architects, ACHA
EDAC (Evidence-based Design Accreditation and Certification)
AIA Arthur N. Tuttle Jr. Graduate Fellowship in Health Facility Planning and Design http://www.aia.org/practicing/groups/kc/AIAS074546
The Tradewell Fellowship (by WHR Architects, www.whrarchitects.com)
HKS Healthcare Fellowship

Required Courses and electives

Courses are in two groups. Students must choose a minimum of six (6) credits from each group. There is a possibility for students to choose six (6) credits from each group so that all courses are ‘taught by distance’. NOTE: M.Arch students must enroll in Arch 5503 Topical studio: Healthcare Facilities Design and Arch 5366 Evidence Based Architecture, and choose two from group 2.

Arch 5503:302 Topical Studio:Healthcare Facilities Design (Spring) 5:0:10. Topical studio that explores design, theoretical, and/or technological issues that affect current architectural thought and practice.

NOTE: Section 302 focuses on Health Care related projects and is usually taught in collaboration with architectural firms that specialize in health care design.

Arch 5366 Evidence Based Architecture (Fall) 3:3:0. Historical development and theoretical fundamentals of research based “evidence” in architecture. Challenges and opportunities for different stakeholders. Finding and using “evidence” in design. Case studies.


HOM 5306 Introduction to Health Systems (Spring)

HOM 5308 Consumer-Driven Healthcare Design (Summer II)

NURS5322 Health Informatics for Advanced Nursing Practice

NURS5325 Health Policy: Essentials for Advanced Nursing Practice

NURS5349 Perspectives on Obesity

NURS 5376 Best Practices for a Safe Health Care System (not offered at the moment)

Contact Information

Saif Haq, PhD


email saif.haq@ttu.edu

phone: 806 834 6317

Health and Design Resources

Center for Health Design

| AIA Academy of Architecture for Health

| American College of Healthcare Architecture