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College of Architecture
Texas Tech University
Mail Stop 42091
Lubbock, Texas 79409
Phone 806-742-3136
Email: architecture@ttu.edu


The College of Architecture's Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation (HP)

The program offers speciality courses focusing on the documentation and preservation of historic architecture with special emphasis on interdisciplinary collaborations.

A certificate can be obtained by graduate students in other programs by taking the 15 hours of core courses in the Historic Preservation speciality. Historic Preservation. It can also be obtained by professionals seeking specialized information and does not require admission to the Graduate School - "offering graduate certificates is to meet the supplemental education needs of professionals. As jobs and job-related responsibilities change, a person often needs additional training in a specific area." https://www.depts.ttu.edu/gradschool/programs/gradcert.php

An interdisciplinary program that focuses on the documentation and preservation of historic architecture. The certificate has three major areas of interest: architecture history and theory, preservation policy and law, and building analysis technology.

Program contact:

Professor Elizabeth Louden, PhD

Historic Preservation Programs Director

P.O. Box 42091

Lubbock, Texas 79409-2091

Ofc. 1008F and HP Lab 506

(806) 834-5358


Required 15 Course Credit Hours

ARCH 5319. History of American Architecture: Pre-Contact to 1865 (3). Prerequisite: ARCH 2311 or approval of instructor. History of American Cultural expression, using buildings as a vehicle for exploring diverse issues including race, class, and gender. Time period covers Pre-Contact to 1865. Fall.

ARCH 5320. History of American Architecture: 1865 to the Present (3). Prerequisite: ARCH 2311 or instructor consent. History of American cultural expression, using buildings as a vehicle for exploring diverse issues including race, class and gender. Time period 1865 to present. Spring.

ARCH 5321. Historic Building Technology and Documentation (3). Survey of techniques of restoration and stabilization of historic buildings; standards of workmanship; traditional methods and new technologies. Survey of documentation techniques and preservation design. Spring.

ARCH 5324. History and Theory of Historic Preservation (3). Survey of theory and practice of historic preservation and restoration; overview of the history of the preservation movement in the U.S. Fall.

ARCH 5325. Conservation Policies (3). Survey of federal and state enabling legislation; federal, state, and local policies on historic preservation and urban design, discussion of redevelopment strategies. Spring. Architecture

It is possible to substitute other course work to qualify for the certificate. Prior permission from the program director is required.

Historic Building and Sites generate $5.4 billion per year in the state of Texas alone. History Matters

The college is committed to educate and prepare graduate students to play a significant role in Historic Preservation. This certificate recognizes the need for a comprehensive understanding of the theory and practicum of Historic Preservation. To satisfy these needs, the certificate presents a balanced alignment of courses in history, theory, documentation and preservation technology.

Graduate Certificate Description

Current TTU students should contact Associate Dean for Graduate Programs Maria Perbellini and Graduate Advisor Lori Rodriguez for admission to the certificate in Historic Preservation.