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Students with an interest in urbanism, community design, community development, planning, community outreach or related areas may find this program suitable to their specialized needs. Any student enrolled at TTU in any graduate program is eligible for acceptance into the certificate program with approval of the director of this program.The certificate is awarded only after completion of a first degree.

UCD Certificate Description

The Graduate Certificate in Urban and Community Design is intended to meet the specialized academic needs of both graduate students and professionals. Understanding the complex nature of the urban environment is an essential aspect of architectural practice and other complimentary fields. The certificate provides this highly motivated individual this specialization after the completion of fourteen (14) hours of graduate level coursework noted under the Certificate Curriculum.

Architecture majors at TTU can obtain this certificate concurrently with the Master of Architecture with no additional hours if enrolled by the second semester of the graduate program. Students seeking this certificate as a non-major or as a professional in practice will work with their instructor to contribute in specialized ways to the approved Advanced Architectural Design studio requirement based on their area of skill and expertise. Coursework offers distance education options.

MaryAlice Torres-MacDonald
Director, Associate Professor
For more information contact the program director

Current TTU students complete this form and contact Program Director for admission into Certificate Program: CERTIFICATE APPLICATION (Study Objective)

Certificate Curriculum

14 Credit Hours Specialization Certificate (UCD):

ARCH 5501 or 5502 – Advanced Architectural Design (5)

Topical studio that explores design, theoretical and/or technological issues that affect current architectural thought and practice. This studio will focus on the urban environment as a critical component of the studio inquiries and methodologies.
*Must be an approved urban design studio under the Advanced Architectural Design requirement by the Director..

ARCH 5384 – Community Design and Development Resources (3)

Online course addressing the nature of urban and community design, investigating the development resources available to these designers, and understanding the relationship of urban and community design to the field of architecture and other related fields. (Distance Education: Online)

Approved ARCH Electives (3):

Note: Not all courses are offered each semester. See specific college for offerings.
ARCH 5301 Special Problems in Architecture (Urban)
This seminar elective focuses on problems which specifically relate to the contemporary city and/or urban environment. Specific topics may range from semester to semester according to available instructor and/or research focus topic study.
Must be approved by UCD Director
*This course may apply as an Approved General Elective for non-majors and students in the Houston Program
ARCH 5382 Urban Theory Fall
An extensive writing course exploring a comprehensive investigation from selected conceptual and philosophical topics based upon the critical relationship between culture and the urban environment. (Distance Education: Online)
*This course may replace ARCH 5362 credit for majors and may apply as an Approved General Elective for non-majors
ARCH 5383 Infrastructure in the Urban Environment Spring
This course offers an overview of systematic, urban infrastructure, by using Houston and Lubbock as initial case study regions. Through a series of exercises, including journaling and written papers, presentations and discussions, the class will consider the functions of infrastructure in the city to further develop a clear understanding of infrastructure as it relates to the development of built form in the urban environment.
*This course may apply as an Approved General Elective for non-majors and students in the Houston Program

Approved General Electives (3):

FIN 5332 Real Estate Fundamentals Spring
Fundamentals of Real Estate. Introduction to real property law, finance, valuation, investment analysis, and brokerage. Includes operations of real estate markets and urban analysis.
FIN 5345 Real Estate Analysis
Prerequisite: FIN 5320. A survey of the law, valuation, and financing of real estate, including secondary market analysis. Also, investigation into investment property ownership, feasibility, cash flow, and return calculations.
GIST 5300 Geographic Information Systems
Introduction to geographic information systems (GIS) for thematic mapping and spatial analysis. Laboratory emphasized experience with professional GIS software.
PUAD 5324 Energy, Climate, and Sustainability Spring
This course is intended to familiarize students who are not environmental specialists with relevant facts and analyses on this recent environmentalism evolution. With the growing globalization of social, political and economic activities worldwide, sustainability has become a fundamental component of the new global playing field (think not just “greening”, but climate, energy, water, toxins, food, health, land use, urban planning, transportation, public agencies, private industry, and non-profits).

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