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College of Architecture
Texas Tech University
Mail Stop 42091
Lubbock, Texas 79409
Phone 806-742-3136
Email: architecture@ttu.edu


Write a statement of intent describing your background and life experiences, and discuss the benefits you believe these characteristics and experiences bring to the College of Architecture. Limit 250 words. Must be double-spaced.

Please include your name and R #


Portfolio must be one file in pdf format. No printed portfolios will be accepted. Submission deadline is 5/15/2019

The portfolio should include a collection of design work demonstrating your architectural/design abilities. It should communicate the level, integrity, and breadth of your aptitude for the study of architecture.

The portfolio should include work produced in the first year and may also include a selection of supporting self-directed or outside work. It should be composed in landscape (horizontal) orientation, be no more than 20 pages (not including the cover page), and demonstrate your abilities in the following areas:

  • Design Fundamentals explored in two and three dimensions with drawings and models.
  • Appropriate use of media and craft in constructing drawings and models.
  • Understanding of plan, section, and three dimensional drawing to describe architectural space.


Each portfolio must include the following:

  • Title Page with the following information (this page is NOT included in the 20 page limit):
  • Name
  • R Number
  • The following text:

    Undergraduate Admission Portfolio.
    Semester and year (ie: Spring 2019)
    College of Architecture, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas.

  • All images should be large and sharp enough for details to be legible. Include enough images of each project to convey design intent and objectives.
  • Label each portfolio item with the following:
    • Project name, date, and class for which work was produced, or indicate that it was self-initiated.
    • Very brief description of how project was made (ie: copy work, outdoor sketching, computer based drawing, model/drawing/word exploration).
    • Indication of media used in the work (if appropriate)
    • Original size of work.
  • All text should be in a clearly legible font and no smaller than 10 points. Avoid extraneous serifs.
  • Use a consistent font throughout the portfolio.
  • Do not use background graphics, image frames, or other elements that detract from the work.
  • Include no more than two pages of self-directed work or work created outside of your first year classes.


Refer to the portfolio guide template for basic layout assistance recommendations. The file contains clues about the clarity of layout, typography, and requirements. The PDF provides a briefly notated layout file while the compressed folder includes a source InDesign file that can be used as a layout template once the folder is uncompressed.

Portfolio Template Guide
Portfolio Template Guide InDesign Folder