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The College of Architecture offers a Master of Science in Architecture Specialization and a Graduate Certificate in Digital Design and Fabrication where you explore with an interdisciplinary attitude the integration between computational design and material-driven processes. By advancing building technology the DDF program acts as a catalyst for innovation.

TTU CoA Digital Design & Fabrication Program
The Master of Science in Architecture with specialization in Digital Design and Fabrication (DDF) is dedicated to advance design knowledge and pursue innovation in the process of making architecture. The program is positioned at the intersection of architecture, engineering and computation with a profound sustainable and interdisciplinary direction. The program engages in research and development that concern emerging material issues in a “digital-craft” based professional practice beyond the design related disciplines.

With a focus on digital technologies, the program explores new material processes across different fields and the related fabrication and building methodologies. The goal is to form a set of skills, which build up a designer’s creative potential through material oriented strategies. Research models and innovative approaches are in direct response to questions of inquiry brought forward through our network of partners in professional practice and industries. The program is intended to prepare students for recent market changes with an exponential increase in digital and information-driven design-build projects.

The DDF Graduate Certificate is a specialty component of the Digital Design and Fabrication Program. A Certificate of specialization can be obtained by professionals outside the University, by anyone with an approved undergraduate degree from any college or school at Texas Tech, or from any other university in the world by taking a minimum of 15 hours of core courses in the DDF program.

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Application Dates:

Deadline March 1st for the following Fall Semester
Deadline October 1st for the following Spring Semester
(approval by the program director)

Application Form:

Graduate Application form (PDF)

Send the completed College of Architecture graduate application along with other required materials to:

Academic Programs Office
College of Architecture
Texas Tech University
Box 42091
Lubbock, TX 79409-2091

E-Mail: lori.rodriguez@ttu.edu
Telephone: (806) 742-3136

DDF Faculty:

Flueckiger, Upe : Professor
Park, Kuhn : Associate Professor
DDF Consultants


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