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College of Architecture
Texas Tech University
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Lubbock, Texas 79409
Phone 806-742-3136
Email: architecture@ttu.edu

Master of Science in Architecture with specialization in Design and Health (D&H)

The discipline and the profession of architecture are in the process of developing and deploying skills and knowledge that address the role of the designed environment in human health, both in terms of maintaining it and restoring it. 

To address this need, the College of Architecture offers specialty courses to advanced learners who wish to better understand the role of the environment in healthcare and wellness, the powerful role that research can play in design, and the importance of multi-disciplinary endeavors -- either for the purpose of launching or enhancing an academic career in the design field, or for the purpose of competently adding health and wellness expertise to a more traditional design practice career.

This new Master of Science in Design and Health has two concentrations:

  1. Health and Wellness Design (HWD)
  2. Healthcare Facilities Design (HFD)

Some notable features include the following:

The Design and Health degrees include both core courses to build a foundation of design and analytical ability and elective courses. A heavy emphasis on electives allows students, with guidance from their advisor, to pursue a course of study that is fitted to their ambitions and areas of interest.

The philosophy of the program is to provide design and analytic skills that will be applicable over the course of a career, above and beyond mastery of the current evidence base. The Masters degrees are thus suitable both as a stepping stone to a career in research and as a means of becoming a more complete design professional.

Please direct inquiries to Dr. Saif Haq or Dr. Julie Zook.