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College of Architecture
Texas Tech University
Mail Stop 42091
Lubbock, Texas 79409
Phone 806-742-3136
Email: architecture@ttu.edu



Portfolio must be submitted in digital format.

Recommended Dimensions: 8 1/2″ by 11″
Minimum Dimensions: 8″ X 8″
Maximum Dimensions: 11″ X 14″
PFD file
Maximum 20 pages
Not to exceed 10MB


Portfolios should include:

  • Representative samples of work from each studio

Work in the portfolio must include examples that demonstrate success in each of the following:


  • Formal and spatial composition
  • Functional relationships
  • Accessibility standards


  • Structure
  • Use of materials
  • Building assemblies


  • Site design and organization
  • Response to the built and natural context


  • Understanding of plan, section, and large scale detail drawings
  • Evidence of collaborative efforts
  • Graphic skills, organization, composition
  • Model building skills
  • Computer skills: drawing, color, 3-D modeling


All images should be large enough to understand in detail and all labeling and text should be easily read. There should be enough images for each project to completely convey the design intent and the objectives of the project. Each project should provide a summary of the its requirements and objectives as well as a brief description of the design solution.