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The first journey of Land Arts 2009 from Texas Tech concluded on 23 September 2009. By all accounts the first installment of our action packed fieldwork was a success on many levels. From a wonderfully multivalent introductory site in the shadow of White Sands Missile Test Range to the remote archeological remains of Moon House our itinerary traversed significant physical and conceptual territory. We were visited by exceptional guests--David Gregor, Chris Snowden, Mike West, Matt Coolidge, William L. Fox, Steve Badgett and Rick Dingus--at Double Negative and CLUI-Wendover.

The laser scanning of Double Negative forty years after its creation was a highlight, even with the 106 degree heat and vicious fire ants in our camp. While the students enjoyed pondering the significance of our visit to Walter di Maria's Las Vegas Piece, the experience will remain indelible for some time. The new site at Goshute Canyon was great and a proved to be a place worth returning to. From there we rounded the top of the Great Salt Lake stopping in on Nancy Holt's Sun Tunnels and finding some very misplaced mountain climbers on the old transcontinental railroad line. The level of the Great Salt Lake remains low and Spiral Jetty is free of water. It is also currently free of any salt encrustations, so the black basalt on salt flats makes for a striking contrast to past years.

As always our time with the Center for Land Use Interpretation in Wendover was fantastic and productive. It was also very nice to spend time with current residents Steven Matheson, Jenny Lion, and Julian (from Paris). The screening of the eteam's new film Truth in Transit at the International Airport Montello was a true hoot and a fitting way to conclude our time in the Great Basin. After an epic drive diagonally across Utah--and another stop to repair tires--we arrived at Muley Point to great weather. The hike into Moon House was smooth and quick even if the cool temperatures kept several of the crew out of the San Juan River at Mexican Hat. Still, everyone felt the cause for a festive evening as our field session concluded.

David Gregor made a surprise reconnection with the group at Red Dog Shed and we enjoyed a final and very chilly evening on the porch with him. We are back in Lubbock only for a few days. We'll be heading out again to begin journey 2 on Monday, 28 September. Look for more reports from the field whenever we have the ability to make remote posts. A select group of images from journey one are included below.


Twin Buttes, NM

Our first camp at Twin Buttes, New Mexico.

Visiting White Sands National Monument, New Mexico.

Making dinner at White Sands National Monument, New Mexico.

Twilight at White Sands National Monument, New Mexico.

Visiting the marker for the Trinity Site east of San Antonio, New Mexico.

Resupplying in Soccorro, New Mexico.

New van nose, Soccorro, New Mexico.

Chaco Canyon, NM

Under the Super Nova pictograph near Penasco Blanco in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.

Penasco Blanco, in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.

Jose Villanueva at Penasco Blanco, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.

Camp at Ruby Ranch, south of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.

North Rim of the Grand Canyon, AZ

Steve modified the pepper grinder to quicken his work at Tipover Canyon, Arizona.

Field movies at Tipover Canyon, Arizona. Here we are screening DJ Spooky's "Rebirth of a Nation".

Field cooking at Tipover Canyon, Arizona.

Celestial Vaulting at Point Sublime, North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Point Sublime, North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Double Negative, Overton, NV

Cooking dinner at the Virgin River camp, near Overton, Nevada.

Camp at the Virgin River, near Overton, Nevada.

Chris Snowden beginning our laser scanning of Double Negative, an earthwork created in 1969 on Mormon Mesa near Overton Nevada by Michael Heizer.

Hauling the laser scanning equipment into the 30 foot wide, 50 foot deep trench of Double Negative.

Laser scanning Double Negative.

David Gregor unpacking the Pork chair he designed, built, and brought from New Orleans, at Double Negative.

Pork chair at Double Negative.

Pork chair and laser scanner at Double Negative.

Pork chair at Double Negative.

Scanning Double Negative.

David Gregor at Double Negative. The daily high temperatures where around 106.

Double Negative.

Double Negative.

Raw data from the laser scan.

Visiting Las Vegas Piece by Walter Di Maria, created in 1969 east of Carp, Nevada. The mile by two mile inscription in the desert remains barely visible. Our ability to find the work was greatly aided by assistance from Arcy Douglas.

Goshute Canyon, NV

Camp at Goshute Valley Wilderness Study Area, Nevada.

Goshute Cave.

Sun Tunnels, Lucin, UT

Visiting Sun Tunnels a work by Nancy Holt made in 1976 near Lucin, Utah.

Spiral Jetty, Rozel Point, UT

Visiting the Spiral Jetty, an earthwork created by Robert Smithson in 1970 near Rozel Point, Utah.

Near the Spiral Jetty is an industrial jetty that has been used for oil exploration in the area over the last century. Oil seeps are common in the area. These spots are out on the salt flats that has been covered by the Great Salt Lake.

Stephen Wollkind working in the Great Salt Lake, Utah.

Jason Fancher working in the Great Salt Lake, Utah.

Meredith James and Stephen Wollikind walking the Spiral Jetty.

Spiral Jetty, Rozel Point, Utah.

Thikol Rocket Garden near Promontory Point, Utah.

Visiting Bingham Canyon Mine, south of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Roadside lunch near Saltair, Utah.

CLUI - Wendover, UT

Matt Coolidge talking to the group about the Center for Land Use Interpretation at the Residence Support Unit in Wendover.

Brice Harris in camp at dawn with the Enola Gay hanger in the background.

Replica of Little Boy, the atomic bomb dropped over Hiroshima, built by John Coster-Mullen in the Wendover Airport Office. For a feature on Coster-Mullen’s work see the Dec 2008 New Yorker feature.

Steve Badgett leading a tour of the CLUI South Base residence facility, built by SIMPARCH.

Steve Badgett describing the South Base grey water system.

Target Hall exhibition space at CLUI South Base.

Bonneville Dike.

Wind on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Bonneville Salt Flats rest area.

Bonneville Speedway.

Camp at the CLUI Residence Support Unit.

CLUI Auto Tour - prior to Brice Harris getting it running again.

Rick Dingus presenting his work in the CLUI Exhibit Hall 2.

Van with solar power system for our computers, batteries, and the solar sound system.

Steve Badgett presenting the work of SIMPARCH at South Base.

Jose Villanueva biking to dig at South Base.

Camp at CLUI - Wendover from the tower.

Steve Wollkind welding his camera/projector mount for the van in Exhibit Hall 2

International Airport Montello, NV

Through the Center for Land Use Interpretation Land Arts was put in touch with the eteam and they asked if we would be interested in screening their recent film "Truth in Transit" at the International Airport Montello about an hour northwest of Wendover. Being game for the opportunity we took them up on it and were treated to a wonderful evening by the people of Montello and the collective energy that went into the making of the airport project.

Preparations for the BBQ by Henry J and Computer Ed at the International Airport Montello.

Arrival at the International Airport Montello.

The BBQ begins at the International Airport Montello.

The group assembled for the screening of “Truth in Transit” by the eteam, Montello.

Screening “Truth in Transit” at the International Airport Montello.

Henry J and Computer Ed appearing in “Truth in Transit.”

Muley Point, UT

Adrian Larriva at the edge near camp at Muley Point, Utah, 2009.

Camp at Muley Point, Utah, 2009.

Brice Harris and Meredith James climbing the walls at Muley Point, Utah, 2009.

Jose Villanueva, Meredith James and Brice Harris on pillow rock at Muley Point, Utah, 2009.

Celestial Vaulting at Muley Point, Utah, 2009.

Camp at Muley Point, Utah, 2009.

Dancing and dinner at Muley Point, Utah, 2009.

Moon House, UT

Hiking into Moon House, Utah, 2009.

Inside Moon House, Utah, 2009.

Exploring the canyon edge around Moon House, Cedar Mesa, Utah, 2009.

Four Corners

Visiting the Four Corners, Navajo Nation, 2009.

Return Travel

On the way back to Lubbock at the end of Journey One, 2009.

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