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College of Architecture
Texas Tech University
Mail Stop 42091
Lubbock, Texas 79409
Phone 806-742-3136
Email: architecture@ttu.edu

Response to the constant inquiry of our group dynamics:

We are 10 in total.
Most of us are graduate students less 1 undergraduate and 3 post graduates.
There is 1 artist, 1 professor and 8 architecture students.
8 started and will finish a masters degree at Texas Tech, 1 got her degree first from Harvard University and then recieved her MFA in fine arts at Yale University.
We are 20, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, and 40 something. 20% have hispanic roots, 30% of jewish decent, of those 10% are practicing and don't eat pork. 8 males and 2 females. 5 native texans, 1 floridian, 1 californian, and 1 new yorker. 9 are US citizens 1 has a green card; all 10 are US citizens when we pass border patrol.
8 fit in our passenger van, 2 drive separately hauling supplies in the cargo van.
3 have significant others that they'll call frequently on their cell phones, 1 has a wedding date.
9 usually sleep in tents, 1 brought a hammock 1 more liked the idea and wove one of her own, to set up when the site allowed, though most at least once slept outside beneath the open sky.
2 have tents big enough for 1.
2 others like to find the picturesque view to drive their stakes.
5 have slept in caves at least once. 1/2 have captured video footage, though all have employed a camera to document the passing of time.
2 cook breakfast every morning on a rotating schedule, the remainder are expected to clean up afterwards.
9 are legal adults. (10 are over twenty-one when alcohol is served.)
9 like to drink beer, though 1 prefers to sip tequila.
4 are growing beards refusing to shave until the experience is over.
7 need corrective lenses, 5 of those prefer contacts to glasses.
10 have a shade of brown hair, 3's are darker, 1's is lighter.
4 had never been camping before we first left.
1/2 are considered tall, the others short when it comes to setting up the cook tent structure.
There are 10 to choose from when asking to do a colaborative project.
3 can speak and understand Spanish well, 4 more can pick up on at least a few words.
2 can screw the bolts tight to set up the cook tent, while 1 directs, another 5 are needed to flip the structure, and all 10 to raise the roof.
1 can pack the van of all the luggage, while the rest are needed to load the supplies.
2 can prepare food using cutting boards, same as the number of stove units, though 4 could be stirring inside pots on those burners.
2 can fetch water to fill the supply containers.
1 is in charge of deciding what's to eat, although 1 other is usually consulted.
2 have been attacked by wildlife, while 1 likes to collect found animals, and 1 other likes to immitate them.
9 synthisize their experiences through maps and diagrams and 1 doesn't understand why.
There are 2 that write with their left hands while only 1 kicks a ball with that same side.
3 will have had their family meet the group even if now 10 can call the group a part of their family.
4 are certified to drive the vans, still, only 2 usually do.
3 prefer to wear sandals over boots or shoes.
1 prefers underwear to bathing suits, justifying that it's lighter to pack.
2 know how to play the guitar, nonetheless only 1 can play at a time.
1 can run faster than all the others, 3 have tried in an unsuccessful effort to beat him.
2 drink the Lactaid milk in the coolers, 1 prefers vegitables over meat.
Normally 5 can eat from one dutch oven.
2 regularly drink coffee, still 3 others will now and then.
2 will smoke pipe tobacco, 4 have smoked cigarettes, although only 3 currently do now.
3 are considering the Peace Corps as a way to continue their interest in the land, 1 wants to guide dog sleds.
2 will graduate in May, 3 the following December, and 2 still have at least one more semester after that.
We left with 10, and returned with 8.

By Adrianna Alter, October 2009.