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College of Architecture
Texas Tech University
Mail Stop 42091
Lubbock, Texas 79409
Phone 806-742-3136
Email: architecture@ttu.edu

Journey 1

Date Site Notes Guests
27-Aug Fri travel > Twin Buttes, New Mexico (2 nights)
28-Aug Sat Twin Buttes orientation with day trip to White Sands
29-Aug Sun travel > Chaco Canyon, New Mexico (2 nights)
30-Aug Mon Chaco Canyon visit Chaco Culture National Historical Park
31-Aug Tue travel > Fire Point, Grand Canyon North Rim, Arizona (3 nights)
1-Sep Wed Fire Point work
Seminar 2WORKING
2-Sep Thu Fire Point, work & visit Point Sublime
3-Sep Fri travel > Virgin River, Nevada (3 nights)
4-Sep Sat Virgin River visit Double Negative
5-Sep Sun Virgin River visit Las Vegas Piece
6-Sep Mon travel > Goshute Canyon, Nevada (2 nights)
7-Sep Tue Goshute Canyon work
8-Sep Wed travel > Wendover, Utah (6 nights) Matt Coolidge, Steve Badgett
9-Sep Thu CLUI - Wendover CLUI intro tour Matt Coolidge, Steve Badgett
10-Sep Fri CLUI - Wendover work
Steve Badgett
11-Sep Sat CLUI - Wendover work Steve Badgett
12-Sep Sun CLUI - Wendover work Steve Badgett
13-Sep Mon CLUI - Wendover work Steve Badgett
14-Sep Tue CLUI - Wendover work Steve Badgett
15-Sep Wed travel > Rozel Point, Great Salt Lake, Utah (2 nights) en route visit Sun Tunnels Lori Ryker, Onézieme Mouton
16-Sep Thu Spiral Jetty tour / work Lori Ryker, Onézieme Mouton
17-Sep Fri travel > Blue Notch, Lake Powell, Utah
en route visit to Bingham Pit
(2 nights)
18-Sep Sat Blue Notch work
19-Sep Sun travel > Muley Point, Cedar Mesa, Utah (3 nights)
20-Sep Mon Muley Point work
Seminar 6MAPPING
21-Sep Tue Muley Point work / visit Moon House
22-Sep Wed travel > Madrid, New Mexico (1 night)
23-Sep Thu travel > Lubbock, Texas


Journey 2

Date Site Notes Guests
01-Oct Fri travel > Plains of San Agustin, New Mexico (5 nights)
02-Oct Sat Plains of San Agustin work
03-Oct Sun Plains of San Agustin work / visit The Lightning Field and Very Large Array
04-Oct Mon Plains of San Agustin work / visit The Lightning Field and Very Large Array
05-Oct Tue Plains of San Agustin work
06-Oct Wed travel > Cebolla Canyon, New Mexico (4 nights) Eve Andree Laramee
07-Oct Thu Jackpile Mine, Laguna Pueblo tour Eve Andree Laramee
08-Oct Fri Cebolla Canyon work
Seminar 9LOOKING
Eve Andree Laramee
09-Oct Sat Cebolla Canyon work Eve Andree Laramee
10-Oct Sun travel > Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona (4 nights)
11-Oct Mon Chiricahua Mountains work
Seminar 10CHANGING
12-Oct Tue Chiricahua Mountains work
13-Oct Wed Chiricahua Mountains work
14-Oct Thu travel > Cabinetlandia, Deming, New Mexico (5 nights)
15-Oct Fri Cabinetlandia work
16-Oct Sat Cabinetlandia work
17-Oct Sun Cabinetlandia work
18-Oct Mon Cabinetlandia work
19-Oct Tue travel > El Cosmico, Marfa, Texas (5 nights)
20-Oct Wed Marfa work
21-Oct Thu Marfa work / El Cosmico Jack Sanders
22-Oct Fri Marfa work / visit Judd Foundation
23-Oct Sat Marfa work / visit Chinati Foundation
24-Oct Sun Marfa work
25-Oct Mon travel > Lubbock, Texas

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