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College of Architecture
Texas Tech University
Mail Stop 42091
Lubbock, Texas 79409
Phone 806-742-3136
Email: architecture@ttu.edu


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Land Arts 2015 Syllabi

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1 - 29 APRIL 2016
LHUCA Warehouses on Mac Davis Lane
1001 Mac Davis Lane, Lubbock, Texas 79401
Opening Reception 1 April 2016 - 6:00-9:00PM


Journey 1

Chaco Caynon, New Mexico - 25-27 Aug
Muley Point, Cedar Mesa, Utah - 28-31 Aug
Moon House, Cedar Mesa, Utah - 31 Aug
Epicenter, Green River, Utah - 1-3 Sep
Spiral Jetty, Rozel Point, Great Salt Lake, Utah - 4-6 Sep
Sun Tunnels, near Lucin, Utah - 7 Sep
CLUI Wendover, Utah - 7-13 Sep
Double Negative, Mormon Mesa, Nevada - 14-16 Sep
Las Vegas Piece, near Elgin, Nevada - 16 Sep
North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona - 17-20 Sep
Cebolla Canyon, New Mexico - 21-23 Sep
Jackpile Mine, Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico - 23 Sep
Lubbock, Texas - 24 Sep-1 Oct

Journey 2

Adobe Alliance, Presidio, Texas- 3-5 Oct
Marfa, Texas - 6-11 Oct
Plains of San Agustin, New Mexico - 12-15 Oct
Very Large Array, near Datil, New Mexico - 13 Oct
The Lightning Field, near Quemado, New Mexico - 13-14 Oct
Mimbres River, New Mexico - 16-19 Oct
Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona - 20-23 Oct
Cabinetlandia, Deming, New Mexico - 24-27 Oct
Twin Buttes, White Sands, New Mexico - 28-29 Oct
Lubbock, Texas - 30 Oct

Detailed itinerary at: Land Arts 2015 Itinerary


Fiona Bennitt - art and geology student at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington
Henry Brown - artist with an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design
Mark Freres - architect pursuing a masters degree at Texas Tech University
Nick Keys - artist from Australia with an MFA from Bard College
Caleb Lightfoot - architect pursuing a masters degree at Texas Tech University
Ashley May - artist pursuing an MFA at the University of California at Riverside
Sadie Richter - architect pursuing a masters degree at Texas Tech University

Field Guests

Steve Badgett - artist from SIMPARCH
Curtis Bauer - poet and translator teaching at Texas Tech University
Matthew Coolidge - director of Center for Land Use Interpretation
Craig Dworkin - writer and professor of english at University of Utah
Gretchen Dietrich - director of the Utah Museum of Fine Arts
Curtis Francisco - geologist from Laguna Pueblo
Jack Forinash - Epicenter Principal of Housing
Barry Lopez - writer
Andrea Nasher - cultural activator
Monty Paret - art historian teaching at the University of Utah
Ann Reynolds - art historian teaching at University of Texas at Austin
Ingrid Schaffner - curator of the 57th Carnegie International
Deborah Stratman - artist teaching at University of Illinois at Chicago
Simon Swan -- founder Adobe Alliance
Maria Sykes - Epicenter Principal of Arts & Culture


Chris Taylor, Director
Emily Rabinowitz, Program Assistant


Land Arts 2015 Syllabi
Land Arts 2015 Itinerary
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