Land Arts of the American West at Texas Tech is made possible with the generous support of resources, time and vision from many people including vital operational support from Andrea Nasher.

Encouragement and assistance from the following people within the College of Architecture at Texas Tech: Dean Jim Williamson, Johnny Busby, Dana Campbell, Rafael Beneytez-Duran, Clifton Ellis, Upe Flueckiger, Robert Gonzalez, Trish Hart, Glenn Hill, Maria Jeffery, Ersela Kripa, Victoria McReynolds, Denny Mingus, Bennett Neiman, Deirdre Odell, Fred Porteous, Peter Raab, Lori Rodriguez, Rebekah Suarez, Gail Vandiver, and Mike West.

Friends from across Texas Tech University include: President Lawrence Schovanec, Joe Arredondo, Future Atkins, Curtis Bauer, John Beusterien, Peter Briggs, William Cannings, Dorothy Chansky, Kevin Chua, Rick Dingus, Idoia Nerea Elola, Carol Flueckiger, Paul Allen Hunton, Don Lavigne, Barry Lopez, Andrew Martin, Jo Moore, Gary Morgan, John Poch, Michael Sanfrancisco, Elizabeth Sharp, Carolyn Tate, Lydia Thompson, Andy Wilkinson, and Christopher Witmore.

In addition to the following Institutions and organizations: Adobe Alliance, Bureau of Land Management, Cabinet magazine, Center for Land Use Interpretation, Chinati Foundation, Dia Art Foundation, El Cosmico, Holt-Smithson Foundation, Judd Foundation, Laguna Pueblo, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, National Forest Service, National Park Service, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, and Utah Museum of Fine Arts.

Thank you all.

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