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College of Architecture
Texas Tech University
Mail Stop 42091
Lubbock, Texas 79409
Phone 806-742-3136
Email: architecture@ttu.edu

understand and familiarize yourself with the risks inherent in this program and traveling in the landscape of the southwest. Critical to the foundation of Land Arts is the educational opportunity of working within the landscape. This program will be intellectually, physically, emotionally, and environmentally demanding. Be prepared to engage these demands.
note verbal and written precautions provided for program in general and journey segments in particular.
Not getting Lost--
always tell others where you are going, your expected return time, and route (there and back). Use maps, personal guidance, natural landmarks, and always travel with partners. Expand your scope of exploration gradually to cultivate your sense of orientation. If you become lost: stay calm. Remain in your location and wait for help. Seek a shelter and gather local provisions as the situation warrants.
always carry plenty of water (minimum 1-2 quarts). It is very important to have enough water should something unexpected happen. Most ground water you will find is NOT SAFE to drink. It must be filtered or purified to remove contaminants that will make you sick.
eat well to maintain your energy levels in the field. Always carry reserve food when away from camp (snacks, trail food, fruit, lunch...).
always respect the natural, cultural, and personal resources encountered in the field. This will have a direct effect on your personal safety as well as the preservation of those resources for future use by others.
No Trace--
our ethic in the field is to leave no trace. Effort will be spent to insure there is no evidence of our camping or working in the field prior to leaving camp. All work made in the field must be disassembled and the site remediated prior to our departure. Leave No Trace Principles from the BLM.
all activities are subject to change due to variable weather, road, and camp conditions. Safety will always come first. Stay informed of the current logistics at all time.
Group Eyes--
stay connected to the group as a whole and/or through small work partnerships. It is important to watch out for the group and keep others informed of your activities.
Release & Insurance--
to participate in the program all indemnification, release, proof of insurance, and information forms but be submitted complete and signed.