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College of Architecture
Texas Tech University
Mail Stop 42091
Lubbock, Texas 79409
Phone 806-742-3136
Email: architecture@ttu.edu

  • Sketchbook & Journal. While these can be the sample volume you may want to consider a separate book for each.

  • String for layout, measuring, or binding.

  • Measuring Devices (straight-edge, tape measure...).

  • Writing & Drawing implements (pencil, ink pens, charcoal...).

  • Watercolor or Paint Media (with appropriate brushes and supplies).

  • Paper for exploration, development of process, and use in projects.

  • Model building materials.

  • Retractable matte knife with blades.

  • Adhesives (glue, tape...).

  • Erasers (kneaded and plastic).

  • Personal recording devices (cameras, scientific instruments, audio equipment...).

  • Media for backup of personal images.

  • miniDV Tape Media for use in the program Digital Video Camera (if you plan to capture video).

  • Any special construction materials and tool.

General Note: All gear will be packed in and out of site. Some sites will require longer transport of gear than others. Space in the vehicle will be extremely limited. All gear must fit within two large (soft) sturdy duffle bags. Do not bring excessive gear. Pack well. Your day pack is in addition to the two duffle bags. If you are considering bringing larger size materials, and compensating for that by bringing smaller bags, very the possibilities with the program director.

There will be the opportunity to purchase materials when we resupply the kitchen in the field. The places we will stop will most often have limited supply. If you need something special to make your work happen it will be best to plan ahead and bring it from the beginning.