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The math placement exam is a free test designed by the math department to assess which math course would be appropriate for each individual student.

University policy states that to be admitted to an entry-level mathematics course (0301-1351, 1420-1430, 1550, 2300, 2322), a student must meet one of the following prerequisites:

  1. Students who have a sufficiently high SAT Mathematics score (610 or higher) or ACT Mathematics score (26 or higher) may enroll in any of these entry-level courses.
  2. Students who have collegiate credit for the appropriate prerequisite course from an accredited community college, junior college or university may enroll in the sequelled entry-level mathematics course.
  3. Students who satisfactorily pass the Mathematics Placement Examination may enroll in the appropriate entry-level mathematics course.

* Students who take the Accuplacer Test or the THEA Test may still be required to take the Math Placement Test.

For many students, achieving a satisfactory score on the Mathematics Placement Examination is the most direct and effective way to satisfy one of these prerequisites. The placement examination has one goal: to place the student in the course which best matches the student's university major and the student's skill level. The examination directs the student (i) to the course he or she wishes to take or (ii) to a course which develops the necessary prerequisite skills for the required courses in his or her degree program.

To obtain more information about this exam, please visit:


A study guide for the Math Placement Test is available through Copy Tech, located in the Student Union Building, Room 101-A or in West Hall, Room 145.