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Milan 2017

Milan 2017 Acculturation

March Meeting Notes

ARCH 4000 THE TEMPORAL CITY: Visual Research in Urban Contexts

ARCH 4601 MILAN STUDIO: Extractions and Insertions


MaryAlice Torres, Associate Professor
Terah Maher, Visiting Professor

Site Visits: Coordinated and Recommended

Places and Buildings to See



Cost (still in development, subject to change)



RECOMMENDED SAFETY TIPS Safety Recommendations

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program:

Fill out State Department Info if you wish to be contacted in case of a state of emergency in any country where you are traveling: https://step.state.gov/STEP/pages/individuals/newAccountStart.aspx


If you are currently, or will be, taking a medication during your study abroad period, it is your responsibility to make certain this can be taken into the countries we will be visiting. Some medications allowed in the US are not allowed in Europe and the Study Abroad office does not determine this for you because this list changes and requires too much work to keep up with changing laws and regulations throughout the world.

If you are taking a prescription that is prohibited in a particular country, now is the time to get with your doctor and see about a shift to something that is allowed. Unfortunately, your instructors cannot help you with this and it will be up to you to take care of this. We don’t want anyone turned away due to this issue, so please take this seriously and address it now.


Insurance is mandatory (all study abroad students at ttu) and will be covered by United Health Care Global. Each student will pay $1.76/day for this and it will be posted to your student business account. You will need to have your insurance card with you at all times, so please plan to account for this. Make a copy of it. Photograph it. If you want to share it with us, I will keep a folder with this information in case of emergency. It is always possible that you will have to pay in advance at a medical center abroad. If so, SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS. The Study Abroad office can get with the insurance company and medical center to work things out in advance, but in an emergency, it cannot always be done until afterwards.

It is strongly recommended that you get personal property insurance for your trip. This can be added to an existing insurance. Discuss this with your parents. You all will have your laptops and other electronic equipment with you and we want you to be protected from theft. You typically have to acquire this in advance of your trip and you will need to get some guidance from your parents on this, or contact your insurance carrier (typically, it is added to a homeowners policy).


In case of extreme emergency during our stay, you will need to call Elizabeth McDaniels in the TTU office. She heads the program. Her phone is: 806-632-1783. You will want to share this with your parents as well. Put this in your cell phone please.

In the case of any violations of sexual assault, you will contact your instructors, then Elizabeth McDaniels. She will put you in touch with Student Life to assist you. We will have in-country partners that can assist you.

In case of any emergency taking place in any location where we are, you are to first follow the instructions of the local authority. We will use our group app to be in contact with each other and we will also establish two meeting places locally in case our apps are not functioning at the time of the emergency.

Keep in mind that in the case of a catastrophic emergency abroad, you will want to have some type of Financial Emergency Fund available to you. Talk to your parents about this. I feel certain we won’t need it, but we should all be prepared regardless.


If you are traveling on any of the period from May 28-July 8 on your own, we need to know about it. You are still part of the study abroad program at TTU and we need to have this information for the university in case of emergency.


Behavior Expectations Commitment

Each student is held to the Student Code of Conduct while participating in the study abroad program.

You are required to abide by all local laws of any location we visit, so seek out information online if you need to. We will address customary issues in our March or April meeting.

Due to Title IX, students are not allowed to enter a faculty members room. Opposite sex students are not allowed to share rooms. ADA does not cross borders, so Students with Disabilities does not apply during Study Abroad. Having said that, we are reasonable teachers and if there is an exceptional situation, please reach out to us in advance so we can see if we can accommodate you.


The US State Department has a “Smart Traveler Program”. It is recommended that you register for this. The Study Abroad office should be sending you information on this, but feel free to go ahead and do this. The US Government would like to know when there are US citizens in foreign countries in case of extreme emergency. We don’t anticipate any concern with this, but it is always helpful to be safe.

We do not have information that tells us whether you are legally in the US or not. Please make sure that you have covered yourself in this regard for return back into the US. The Study Abroad Office recommends that you contact your immigration attorney if this applies and receive a recommendation on how to address this.


You have an opportunity to receive a Global Scholar Certificate during your program. This is done during and after the program through Loyola University and requires 60 additional hours of work to take place. It will be up to you to explore this and see if you are interested. Your 3 hour course you take with us will provide you with a multicultural elective. See: http?//ttu-sa.terradotta.com/?go=GlovalScholarCertificateProgram


SACS: Study Abroad Competitive Scholarship. Must have a minimum 2.7 gpa. This information was provided to you in the orientation session you attended. Average awards are for $250-$500 for short-term programs.<


Equipment needs


Living in Milan

General Cultural Guide

Milan Studio Schedule (subject to change):