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College of Architecture
Texas Tech University
Mail Stop 42091
Lubbock, Texas 79409
Phone 806-742-3136
Email: architecture@ttu.edu


Shop Mission

To support architecture design explorations and help architecture students to make models in wood, metal or other materials, that suit for whatever design study/research is needed, e.g. construction details, lighting, and materials.

All users must sign and submit the Release, Assumption of Risk, and Hold Harmless Agreement before working in the shops.

The shop's main focus is on wood and metal working equipment/techniques. Students find a large variety of power and traditional tools ready for their use. In addition small supplies such as sandpaper, basic nails, screws, glue are supplied by the shop. However the shop does not sell wood, metal or other large material supplies. The following equipment is part of the Architecture Shop and ready for the student to use under the supervision and guidance of the Shop Supervisor.


Mike West Hinton Vick
Unit CoordinatorShop Supervisor

Hours of Operation

Mon-Thurs  9am to 9pm
Friday  9am to 5pm
Saturday   Closed
Sunday  1pm to 9pm

Shop Use

The College of Architecture Wood Shop and Model Shop are available to students who are enrolled in the College of Architecture and its faculty. Students from other departments are not allowed to access the Shops unless they are enrolled in a College of Architecture course and they have signed a waiver.

Model Shop Equipment

Wood Shop Equipment

  • One large band saw
  • Three small band saws
  • One 10" and one 12" table saw (Operated only by experienced students or by the shop supervisor)
  • One panel saw
  • Three disk sanders
  • Three belt sanders
  • Sanding table
  • Drill press
  • Small scale model building equipment
  • Welding facilities

Shop manuals and forms

Banned Shop Material

The following materials are not allowed in any shop space or in the COA due to their toxic and harmful nature.

  • All Treated Lumber
  • OSB or Oriented Strand Board & Particle Board
  • Used Materials unless permission has been provided from Shop Director
  • Oil Based Spray Paints and other Oil Based Paints
  • Resins i.e. non water based fiberglass