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Studio Valparaiso Exhibitions

Images from Studio Valparaiso exhibition at | Center for Contemporary Urban Development (DUC)

Texas Tech College of Architecture and the | Centro de Estudios para el Desarrollo Urbano Contemporaneo presents the exhibition

Studio Valparaíso / Taller Valparaíso:
in an exploration of how architecture makes the city / en una exploración de cómo la arquitectura hace ciudad

June 5, 2012 - June 22, 2012
Center for Contemporary Urban Development / Desarrollo Urbano Contemporaneo
Sala de Arte, Santo Domingo 26
Valparaiso, Chile

Opening: June 5, 2012 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Panel discussion and exhibition viewing of Linear Park

The exhibition, Linear Park, showcases a selection of architecture projects completed in Valparaíso by Texas Tech University students during a two month study abroad studio. The intimate architecture interventions of a Newsstand, Market and Shower are realized through the frame of sound, material / spatial boundaries and social exchange.

A panel discussion, on Making and Thinking of Architecture in Valparaíso, will be attended by Cecilia Puga - Architect and Educator at Universidad Andrés Bello Santiago, Nahuel Quiroga - Architect at University of Notre Dame, Jose Llano Loyola - Professor of Architecture at Universidad Andrés Bello Vina, and Victoria McReynolds - Visiting Assistant Professor of Architecture at Texas Tech University.

Linear Park
Studio Valparaíso is an exhibition of work from Texas Tech’s College of Architecture Study Abroad 2011 Valparaíso Studio and the question of how architecture makes the city. Eight weeks of immersed investigation into material and spatial boundaries, social interaction and site definition resulted in a pool of creative propositions and recorded observations by sixteen students.

Valparaiso, as a topographically folded, architecturally stacked, imaginatively rich and materially resourceful city is first understood by walking its streets. This studio is based on the shared relationship of learning out in the city and back in the studio. To learn with the city, our studio project site is a line that runs perpendicular to the topography and registers the city transitioning from the commercial flat sea port to the residential vertical neighborhood of the sky. Each student is equipped with tools to measure and draw their city site at the intimacy of a 1/2” scale. The detail of this scale requires the students to study the specificity of architectural materials and understand base ingredients of sound, material interface, spatial boundaries, and social exchange which construct Valparaiso’s built environment. Their charge is to propose three public programs, a market, newsstand and shower, that better the city and recognize interrelationships of urban context.

The main project site links three localized clusters, the Plan, Incline and Camino Cintura which make up a spectrum of urban density and building type. This spectrum is studied through on-site measurements and 1/2” scaled drawings constructed by each student. A student is given a total of three sites, one from each cluster (each site measuring 30’ length by the street width), in which to propose one public intervention of either a newsstand, market place and shower on each site. By engaging the city at the scale of the bathroom, the development of design is framed towards integrating material, social and spatial nuances. Tools for exploring the city (a plane table, alidade, plum bob, measuring tape, etc) become the translator between body, architecture and city. Daily, the students cycle between the exterior and interior, seeing and testing their seeing of social, acoustical, material and spatial elements. The distance between the classroom and their project site is placed in close proximity so that roles of site and studio merge to encourage design and proposition out in situ and not just back at studio. Thus allowing the studio becomes a place for focused conversation, critic, refinement, and exchange between instructors and students, students and students, and guests and students.

| Desarrollo Urbano Contemporaneo (DUC)
| Sala de Arte, Santo Domingo 26
Valparaiso, Chile

Opening: June 5, 2012 / 6:00 - 9:00 pm
Closing: June 22, 2012
Open Monday to Friday, from 9:00am - 6:00pm
For further questions contact Victoria McReynolds at v.mcreynolds@ttu.edu

Selection of Exhibition Images Below

Study Abroad Valparaíso Studio was led by Chris Taylor and Victoria McReynolds, with guest instruction by Jose Llano. Student work by Brenda Alcantar, Mario Aranda, Jesse Bernard, Isaac Brooks, Tsvetelina Churalska, Emily Dunlop, Garrett Ferguson, Cynthia Gabaldon, John Garcia, Chris Hernandez, Alyssa Mayfield, Rocio Mendoza, Veronica Mitchell, Joshua Pape, Marcu Pitts, Jose Villanueva.

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