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College of Architecture
Texas Tech University
Mail Stop 42091
Lubbock, Texas 79409
Phone 806-742-3136
Email: architecture@ttu.edu

The 200 is a special group dedicated to support the College of Architecture by their commitment of twenty thousand dollars or more.

You can get involved by contacting the College of Architecture Development Office at 806-742-3136 or by emailing Deirdre O'Dell

Thank you to our members:

  • AIA Lubbock Chapter
  • Alderson Enterprises, Inc. - Urban Tech Enrichment Fund
  • Alderson Enterprises, Inc. Delineation Endowment
  • Robert L. Alexander, AIA Scholarship Endowment
  • Mark G. Anderson Scholarship
  • Danny C. Bates, AIA Scholarship Endowment - Bequest
  • The CH Foundation
  • Carl and Mary Childers Scholarship
  • Curtis W. Clerkley, Jr. Architecture Academy
  • Curtis Group Architects / Tom and Gloria Curtis
  • The Czapski Family Scholarship
  • Chapman Harvey Architects, Inc Scholarship
  • Dean’s Enrichment Fund
  • Dekker, Perich, Sabatini, Ltd. Speaker Series Endowment
  • The Demarest Family Scholarship
  • Jim C. Doche, FAIA & Annete Doche Scholarship
  • FBT Architects Endowment for Excellence in Scholarship
  • The David M. Farrell Scholarship
  • Paul W. Foster Scholarship
  • The Future Practice Endowment
  • Gorman Enrichment Fund for the El Paso Program
  • Ron and Peggy Gover Honors Scholarship
  • Houston Practicum + Studio Scholarship
  • Huckabee & Associates, Inc.
  • Humphreys & Partners Architects Scholarship Endowment
  • Mark E. Humphreys, AIA Chair in Urban Design
  • Gary & Mary Nan Johnson - Johnson Architects, Inc. Endowment
  • Helen Jones Foundation, Inc.
  • Jerry Kirkwood Memorial Scholarship
  • James M. Langford, AIA Scholarship
  • Albert B. Moffitt, Jr. & Doris E. Moffitt Graduate Scholarship
  • Albert B. Moffitt, Jr. & Doris E. Moffitt Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Andrea Nasher - Land Arts Fund
  • PSRBB Enrichment Endowment for the El Paso Program
  • Pease River Partners - Sustainable Cabin
  • H. Deane Pierce Chair
  • PYCO Industries - Urban Tech Enrichment Fund
  • J. Scott Robertson, PhD Guatemala Healthcare Project
  • Elizabeth Sasser / AIA Lubbock Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Skidmore Sasser Professorship in Architectural History
  • Gary W. Smith, AIA Scholarship
  • Ed and Mary Stephens Scholarship
  • Sustainable Architectural Economics Scholarship Endowment
  • Sysco West Texas, Inc. - Urban Tech Enrichment Fund
  • JT & Margaret Talkington Foundation
  • Texas Architectural Foundation
  • Texas Tech Student Government Association
  • Robert D. Troy & Associates Endowed Scholarship
  • United Supermarkets - Urban Tech Enrichment Fund
  • Vaughn Construction
  • Joyce and David Vernooy Study Abroad Scholarship
  • James C. Watkins, Paul Whitfield Horn Prof. Scholarship Endowment
  • Wilson Architectural Group Scholarship Endowment
  • Brigadier General Walter L. Winters, Jr. Scholarship