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College of Architecture
Texas Tech University
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Associate Professor
Urban Tech, Director

David A Driskill is the Director of Urban Tech, the downtown studio for the College of Architecture, Texas Tech University. Urban Tech is in its third year and is partnered with the City of Lubbock, the Central Business District Tax Increment Finance Board, and the Louise H Underwood Center for the Arts in envisioning a transformed and viable downtown Lubbock. Urban Tech is engaged with the public as a participant in the First Friday Art Trail, which brings 4,000 people to the city center each month. Prof. Driskill holds a post professional degree in urban design from Catholic University, Washington D.C. and a professional degree in architecture from Texas Tech University. Prof. Driskill practiced architecture/urban design in Washington D.C. and Houston, Texas for 15 years prior to 1987, when he accepted a position at Texas Tech University to teach in the College of Architecture. He served as Associate Dean for Academics and subsequently Associate Dean for External Programs prior to taking the directorship of Urban Tech. He accepted the honor of Mark E Humphreys, AIA Chair for Urban Design in January of this year.

Mari Michael GLASSELL

Assistant Professor
UCD, Coordinator

Mari Michael Glassell is an Assistant Professor and Coordinator for the College of Architecture at Texas Tech University. Professor Glassell holds a Post-Professional degree from the University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelors of Architecture from Auburn University. Through her continued practice, Mari Michael has specialized in Urban Design, Multi-Family housing, and Adaptive-Use. Currently, Professor Glassell's research examines Urban Design through the lens of diagnostics rather than strictly urban interventions. Her proposed “Urban Diagnostics Lab” is intended to pair with current studies in computational science to develop data visualization tools that simulate incremental change within a cross section of city conditions and scales. The goal of this development is to use such tools to formulate strategies of urban planning that rely on specific patterns of program and activity (use proximity, traffic flow, economic dependency) to signify appropriate catalysts and their locations for urban stabilization.


Associate Professor
UCD, Director
Houston Program, Director

MaryAlice Torres-MacDonald is a tenured, associate professor and director with expertise in urban design, community design and downtown revitalization through historic preservation. She holds a Master of Science in Architectural Studies (Environmental Design) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin. MaryAlice brought her previous experience in private sector architecture practice to the public sector as the director of the Texas Main Street Program – an internationally recognized program aimed at revitalizing central business districts, historic town center and neighborhood districts. After fourteen years in professional practice, she entered teaching with a desire to bring real-world problems into the academic environment through service-learning and design research. Currently, her work seeks a deeper understanding of the essential aspects of walkability and the relationship of the “community pocket” as an essential element in safe, dynamic, place-made environments.