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Study Abroad – Valparaíso, Chile

Valparaíso is a city with a very strong spatial presence as the result of how one occupies, how one finds space on, a site whose topography is emphatic and a challenge to the right-angle posture of human occupation of space. It is a city of extraordinary beauty, and structural and gestural complexity.

-excerpt from The Road That Is Not a Road, Ann Pendleton-Jullian, (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1996) p. 133. ISBN 9780262660990

Valparaiso, as a topographically folded, architecturally stacked, imaginatively rich and materially resourceful city is first understood by walking its streets. This studio is based on the shared relationship of learning out in the city and back in the studio. To learn with the city, our studio project site will interrogate the Valparaiso plaza as it relates to the topography as the city transitions from the commercial flat sea port to the residential vertical neighborhood of the sky. Each student is equipped with tools to measure and draw their city site at the 1/2” scale. The detail of this scale requires the students to study the specificity of architectural materials and understand base ingredients of sound, material interface, spatial boundaries, and social exchange which construct Valparaiso’s built environment. Tools for exploring the city become the translator between body, architecture and city. Daily, we cycle between the exterior and interior, seeing and testing their seeing of social, acoustical, material and spatial elements. The distance between the residence and our project site is placed in close proximity so that roles of site and studio merge to encourage design and proposition out in situ and not just back at studio.

Chilean culture is further folded into the studio through Cultural Conversations and the participation of a local guest specialist instructor. Cultural conversation is a forum that invites brilliant, creative individuals to share their Valparaiso works with the students. These events underscore architecture as a practiced, discussed, debated, researched, and lived profession. Taking place in the studio setting, these conversations generally occur once a week in the afternoon, and consist of lecture and discussion by local architects, educators and activists speaking on their expertise.



Valparaiso Studio ~ June 4 thru July 16
Buenos Aires Excursion ~ July 17 thru tbd

Valparaiso Out-of-Pocket Estimate Expenses :

  • Tuition and Fees
  • Air Transportation to and from Santiago Chile – Dallas to Santiago ~ $1,500
  • Air Transportation in and out from Santiago to Buenos Aires ~ $250
  • Food ~ $840
  • Entertainment
  • Daily expenditures


2014 Venice
2013 Valparaiso Studio
2013 Valparaiso Acculturation Seminar
2013 Valparaiso References
2011 Valparaiso Studio
2011 Valparaiso Acculturation Seminar