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Italy | Study Abroad

Description of the Study Abroad Program

The Verona Lab ARCH 4601 and Course ARCH 4000 will focus on the condition of the city in the 21st century, especially those cities like Verona, that have a significant historic heritage, and now face the transition to new urban conditions. The program will operate as a form of design-based critical inquiry. It emphasizes a re-assessment as a multi-scale approach to the historic urban site (local, neighborhood, metropolitan, regional and global scales) relative to questions of program, infrastructure, contest and cultural changes in order to project proposals as an innovative reflection of our current information society.

Students will re-design portions of existing structures with insertions for public use. The design will also include the public space related to the context. The architectural scale will be integrated to the urban conditions and environment. Emphasis will be given to the analysis of architectural and urban layers as related to changes and transformations over time. The Verona Lab will initiate with a reflection on the urban site and how transformational processes determine the quality of site conditions; interpretations of the city of Verona's past will facilitate projections of its futures. Finally, the generation of formal and programmatic solutions based on strategic cultural and site readings will lead to the design of new urban and architectural presences at several levels.

Participating Faculty for the Program

The Verona Lab is led by Professor Maria Perbellini and Visiting Assistant Professor David J. Isern. Prof. Perbellini has specific interests in digitalDESIGN and design processes, and is actively involved in the new Digital Design & Fabrication program at the College of Architecture. Prof. Isern is interested in Urban Design as a catalyst for the city and has worked in the College of Architecture in developing new media and enrichment. The Verona program is additionally enriched by a series of visiting guests. They will also be part of the final review jury at the conclusion of the summer studio.

Projected Program Dates for Summer 2014

May 24th - Travel
May 25th - Arrival by 5:00pm the latest
July 1st - Departure by Noon
(6 weeks program)