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Dear CoA students enrolled in Arch 3501,

As many of you know, the CoA has been planning to offer a semester abroad for junior students in Seville, Spain this upcoming Spring 2019 semester. I am happy to tell you that our plans for the Seville Semester-Long Study Abroad are taking place and we can now confidently announce its launch.

The program will run approximately from January 10 to May 12, where you will get a fully immersed study abroad experience in the beautiful city of Seville. The study abroad coursework will include: one six-hour studio and three seminar/lecture courses of three credit hours each. This gives you a total of 15 credit hours, thus classifying you as a full-time student and eligible for financial aid scholarships. The design studio will be team-taught by a CoA faculty and a Spanish faculty. The seminar/lecture courses will include one course taught by CoA faculty, one by a Spanish practitioner/academic, and one online course.

We have been planning for this over the summer based upon a trial program that Professors Beneytez-Duran and Ophelia Mantz have been conducting with the Sevillian architect and Professor Ángel Martínez García-Posada. I am happy to say that this program has been impressively successful!

The program will include several required field trips throughout the semester that range from day-trips to cities such as Cordoba and Granada, to multi-day trips to cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. All scheduled and required field trips are included in the total program cost. There will also be visits to prominent architect's offices providing you with first-hand experience on architecture practices abroad, as well as presentations and guest lectures in Seville and the other cities (this past summer's trial program included fourteen such events).

To launch the Seville program, the College is planning a symposium that will focus on current practices of Spanish architecture, in particularly the House. The Domestic and Anti-domestic: The Contemporary Spanish House symposium will take place in mid-October and will include Spanish architects who will discuss their current work and the best practices taking place in multiple cities across Spain. Professors Rafael Beneytez Duran and Ángel Martínez García-Posada will be presenting and be part of a panel discussion and to address this new Seville Study program directly.

We are hoping to send a cohort of 20 - 25 students to accommodate two full design studios. If you are interested in the Seville Semester-Long Study Abroad, we ask you to apply directly to the program using the APPLY NOW link by August 15th. The final deadline for travel abroad applications set by the University is in early October; however, the CoA knows that many of you will need to make plans sooner. Therefore, your expedited application completion is most helpful to finalize a total number of interested students and final program cost.

The preliminarily estimate of the total tuition and program fees is $13,300 including TTU tuition, housing in Seville, meals, TTU and study abroad fees, required field trips across Spain, and cultural and civic events. Personal out of pocket expenses are estimated at $3,000. This includes estimated roundtrip airfare from Lubbock at $1,600— you may be able to find less expensive fares and/or fly from other cities; passport fees if needed, and your personal expenses in Spain. There will be an optional trip to Barcelona, Spain at a cost of $600, if you choose to attend.

The Seville Semester-Long Study Abroad program is comparable to the same type expenses that you would incur if attending TTU in Lubbock; however, this program provides you with a rich culture-filled program in one of the most historical cities in Spain. The Seville program is eligible for financial aid, and you can apply for a study abroad scholarship.

I hope you are all as excited as us here at CoA about the launch of this new Seville Semester-long Study Abroad program. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Professor Saif Haq via email at saif.haq@ttu.edu or call the CoA at 806.742.3136.

Best regards,
Jim Williamson, Dean