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|[[Elizabeth_Louden |  Louden, Elizabeth, PhD.]], Professor and Director of the Master of Science in Architecture Historic Preservation Specialization Program
|[[Elizabeth_Louden |  Louden, Elizabeth, PhD.]], Professor  
| 1008 F
| 1008 F

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Name Email Office Telephone
Ajlouni, Rima Al , PhD., Associate Professor 409 806.834.6076

Aranha, Joseph L., Professor 1002 E 806.834.8184

Barajas, Guillermo, Instructor, El Paso Campus El Paso 915.594.2030

Brown, Morris, AIA, Instructor, El Paso Campus El Paso 915.594.2030

Buelinckx, Hendrika, PhD., Associate Professor 1002B 806.834.0439

Campbell, Dana, Instructor, Director of the Building 308 806.834.0341

Chinn, John, Instructor 308 806.834.7964

Crites, Mary, Instructor, 1002A 806.834.1024

Davis, James T., Associate Professor 410 806.834.5878

Driskill, David A., AIA, LEED BD+C, Associate Professor and Director of Urban Tech Design Center UrbanTech downtown studio 806.834.7336

Ellis, Clifton, PhD., Associate Dean of Academics and
Associate Professor 1007A 806.834.1209

Fairbetter, La Gina, Instructor 308 806.834.0064

Flueckiger, Urs Peter "Upe", Professor 309 806.834.4884

Glassell, Mari Michael, Visiting Assistant Professor 1002A 806.834.6965

Gomez Alvarez Tostado, Javier, Assistant Professor 609 806.834.6591

Gonzales, Manuel, Instructor 308 806.834.7647

Gonzalez, Robert, PhD, Director of El Paso Program and Associate Professor, El Paso Campus 915.594.2030

Haq, Saif, PhD., Associate Dean for Research and
Professor 604 B 806.834.6317

Hill, Glenn, Associate Professor 505C 806.834.2044

Jaddo, Lahib, Associate Professor 307 806.834.8103

Louden, Elizabeth, PhD., Professor 1008 F 806.834.5358

Martin, Michael T., Instructor, Director of External Programs 509 806.834.5199

McReynolds, Victoria, Visiting Assistant Professor 405 806.834.8756

Neiman, Bennett, Professor 605 806.834.3830

Nesbit, Jeffrey S., Assistant Professor 605C 806.834.4213

Park, Kuhn, Associate Professor 610 806.834.1242

Perbellini, Maria, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Professor 1007 C 806.834.8702

Perl, Robert D., AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Associate Professor 1002 D 806.834.6624

Pongratz, Christian, Professor, Director Digital Design and Fabrication Program (M.S.) 705C 806.834.7927

Raab, Peter, Assistant Professor 805 806.834.5510

Shacklette, Benjamin K., Associate Professor 510 806.834.2639

Smith, Gary, CoA Budget Director and Associate Professor 1003 C 806.834.5546

Taylor, Chris, Director of Land Arts of the American West and Associate Professor 709 806.834.1589

Torres-MacDonald, MaryAlice, Associate Professor Houston

Vernooy, Andrew, Dean and Professor 1005 B 806.742.3169

Wade, Darrick, Visiting Assistant Professor 710 806.834.4947

Watkins, James, Horn Professor 805C 806.834.7040

White, Dustin, Instructor, Director of the Shop 705C 806.834.2994

White, James E., Professor 1003 F 806.834.4320

White, John P., Professor 1002 F 806.834.1192

Zugay, Brian C. R., PhD., Associate Professor 505 806.834.2695

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