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12 2502 Armanovs, Sarah

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Sarah Armanovs

Major: Architecture
Minor: Environment and Humanities

Current Studio:

2502_spring 2012 [1] Victoria McReynolds

01_Field Conditions

File:Horizon Sections Section Lines armanovs.pdf
File:Horizon Sections armanovs.pdf
File:Diagram Macro Boundary armanovs.pdf
File:Diagram Micro Architecture-Site Relation Circulation armanovs.pdf
File:Diagram Micro Architecture-Site Relation Grid armanovs.pdf
File:Diagram Micro Architecture-Site Relation Natural Forces armanovs.pdf
File:Diagram Micro Architecture-Site Relation Wind Pattern armanovs.pdf
File:DIAGRAM model Macro EdgesBoundaries armanovs.pdf
File:DIAGRAM model Macro FigureGround armanovs.pdf
File:DIAGRAM model Macro Horizon armanovs.pdf
File:DIAGRAM model Micro EdgesBoundaries armanovs.pdf
File:DIAGRAM model Micro FigureGround armanovs.pdf
File:DIAGRAM model Micro Horizons armanovs.pdf

02_Site Extractions

BY Air Site

File:Site Index Air armanovs.pdf
File:Site Plan Air armanovs.pdf
File:Site Sections Air armanovs.pdf
File:Site Diagrams Air armanovs.pdf


File:Folly Plan Section Longitudinal Air armanovs.pdf
File:Folly Sections Cross Air armanovs.pdf
File:Folly Diagrams Air armanovs.pdf

BY Rail

File:Site Index Rail armanovs.pdf
File:Site Plan Rail armanovs.pdf
File:Site Sections Rail armanovs.pdf
File:Site Diagrams Rail armanovs.pdf


File:Folly Plan SectionsLongitudinal armanovs.pdf
File:Folly Sections Cross armanovs.pdf
File:Folly Diagrams Rail armanovs.pdf

BY Road

File:Site Index Road armanovs.pdf
File:Site Plan Road armanovs.pdf
File:Site Sections Road armanovs.pdf


File:Folly Plan SectionLongitudinal Road armanovs.pdf
File:Folly Sections Cross Road armanovs.pdf
File:Folly Diagrams Road armanovs.pdf


File:Concept Collage armanovs.pdf
File:Site Panorama Exterior armanovs.pdf
File:Site Panorama Interior armanovs.pdf
File:Site Index armanovs.pdf
File:Site Diagrams armanovs.pdf
File:Plan Site and Waterhall armanovs.pdf
File:Waterhall Sections armanovs.pdf
File:Waterhall Floorplan armanovs.pdf
File:Waterhall Axonometric armanovs.pdf
File:Waterhall Shadow Study Plan armanovs.pdf
File:Waterhall Shadow Study Cross Section armanovs.pdf

Past Studios:

1412_spring 2011 [2] Chris Taylor & Josh Nason
2501_fall 2011 [3] Lahib Jaddo