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2010 Lecture : Antonino Saggio

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The College of Architecture of Texas Tech University is honored to host Professor Antonino Saggio for a lecture on Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 at 5.30 pm. The lecture will be held at the Business Administration building in room BA067.

Antonino Saggio is Professor of Architecure and Urban Design at University of La Sapienza, Rome and he is the founder and editor of the international book series "Information Technology Revolution in Architecture". The book series is very popular among students and scholars around the world being published in English (by Birkhäuser), in Chinese (by Prominence) and in Italian (Testo&Immagine, Edilstampa). This published collection of thirty five books, and counting, represents an important cultural contribution in the process of foundation of a new digital culture in architecture.

Saggio lectures on topics related to Information Technology as well as the history and criticism of Italian Architecture. He has spoken at many institutions around the world including the Architectural Association in London, Eth in Zürich, University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Cornell University in Rome, Iuav and Biennale in Venice, InArch Rome, Eaae in Barcellona, Ministry of research in Athens, School of Architecture in Oslo and in many other academic or professionals institutions in Porto, Paris, Auburn, Haifa, Frankfurt, Kassel, Chicago, New York, Wien, Barcellona, Cape Town, Seoul, Pittsburgh, Istanbul, Santa Fe, Kuwait City, Taipei.

Saggio is widely published, including thirty prefaces, many chapters of books and catalogues, essays in referred journals, articles in "Architectural Design", "Architese", "Jae" "Op. Cit.", "Domus", "Costruire" and many other major magazines. He is author of several books, which include: Giuseppe Terragni Life and Works (Laterza, 1995 2004, 2005), Introduction to Information Technology Revolution in Architecture (Carocci 2007) Peter Eisenman: Excavations into the future, Frank O. Gehry (Testo&Immagine 1996 e 1997), Giuseppe Pagano (Dedalo 1984) and Louis Sauer: An America Architect (Officina 1988). His most recent book is titled Architecture and Modernity: From Bauhaus to IT Revolution (Carocci 2010). His editorial activity includes the co-foundation of the magazine "Il Progetto" the direction of the book monographs "The Architects" (Marsilio) after the death of Bruno Zevi, the direction of the Supplement "On&Off", and the online section "Coffee Break" in webzine "" that holds eighty of his articles.

Prof. Saggio holds a professional degree in Architecture (1979) and a diploma of Planning from the University of Rome La Sapienza, a Master of Science from Carnegie-Mellon and a PhD from the Italian Ministry of Research. He has been teaching in several universities in Europe, Africa, Asia and the United States. Particularly at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where he was a tenure track faculty member in the 1980s. He was also named as the Fizt Gibbon chair professor in 2001, GhK-Kassel Gast Professor 1999, Nctu Taipei guest professor 2008, Eth-Zurich assistant professor at the Chair of Caad 1991-1993. He won awards in design competitions in the first phase of his career as well as an academic research grant from institutions such as the Fulbright Commission, the Graham Foundation and the Council of Italian Research. In 2003, he founded the resaearch group which operates transdisciplinarily in the relationships between Design and Information Technology,

Saggio keeps a web site that is a hub of architectural debate in Italy and one of the most visited pages of the University La Sapienza where he is the chair of "Architecture and Information Technolgy" at the School of Architecture Ludovico Quaroni.

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