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2014 Venice Studio Exhibition

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Texas Tech College of Architecture presents the exhibition

7 July 2014
14:00 - 20:00
Chiesa di San Geremia Annesso
Green Door, Third Floor
Campo San Geremia
30121 Venezia, Italia

14:00 - 18:30 :: Student Presentations
18:30 - 19:00 :: Reception
19:00 - 20:00 :: Presentation by Cooking Sections, "When A Mile Is Not A Mile"

Guest Reviewers
Alon Schwabe, OfficeUS Partner Cooking Sections, Artist
Andrew Vernooy, Texas Tech University College of Architecture Dean
Clifton Ellis, Texas Tech University College of Architecture Associate Dean of Academics, Architectural Historian
Daniel Fernández Pascual, OfficeUS Partner Cooking Sections, Architect and Urbanist
Ezio Micelli, Universitá Iuav di Venezia Associate Professor
Henry K. Sharp, Architectural Historian and Archealogical Field Supervisor

Venice at 90 Degrees:
in an exploration of how architecture makes the city from projects realized by thirteen architecture students during the 2014 Texas Tech University Venice Studio six weeks studying abroad in Venice, Italy.

Venice Studio
Vertical Pavilion is an intervention about organizing the public plaza vertically in a city founded on the horizontality of maritime commerce. Rotating one’s orientation to the city ninety degrees places emphasis on strata and stacking of increasing distance above or below the predominant water datum and labyrinthian streetscape. Thirteen pavilions engage the Venetian pathway of a single island that runs from Ponte Marco Polo to Ponte S.Giovanni Grisostomo. City diagrams compliment detail survey site drawings as studies that reveal the changing aggregate of material, spatial, and social boundaries across various scales. Resulting propositions made through observation and investigation facilitate projects that are in command of the inherent multiplicity within Venice.

2014 Venice Studio was led by Victoria McReynolds and Mari Michael Glassell. Student work by Leslie Ammons, Taylor Bradshaw, Colin Cauthen, Jacqueline Guerra, Luis Carlos Iglesias, Arturo Loya, Jaydan Nguyen, William Pellacani, Clifton Petty, Sean Reynolds, Edward Serna, Jordan Sjue, Sawyer Wilson.

Student Work Examples
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