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ARCH 3501 Fall 2012

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F2012 ARCH3501 Syllabus

Studio Project Statements

Joe Aranha - room 704
Victoria McReynolds - room 708
Kuhn Park - room 711
Daniel Pruske - room 706
Peter Raab - room 707
Jim White - room 702

Course Websites

Joe Aranha


Fall 2012 ARCH 3501 Students (the lottery is not first-come first-served):

1) August 24th Friday 10AM: Announcement of the project descriptions of all Fall2012 ARCH3501 studios.

2) August 26th Sunday 8AM: Opening of the lottery system up to relevant students and voting start. The lottery site: LINK

3) August 27th Monday 11AM: Closing of the voting.


F2012 ARCH3501 Roster