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ARCH 3502-391 Spring 2013

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Studio: ARCH 708
Instructor: David a Driskill, AIA, LEED BD+C
Mark E Humphreys, AIA Chair for Urban Design

Class Schedule


The studio is guided by the ARCH 3502 syllabus developed by the coordinator, Prof. Christian R Pongratz. The semester focus is centered on the building as a technological system and ecological device. The semester builds upon prior studios focused on form, program, site and structure. New to the mix is an emphasis on building envelope. The project includes three provocations expressive of an architectural idea: (A) Formwork: form in context of a site, (B) Building Systems: idea brought forth as a construction embedded in an ecology, and (c) Place making: the measure of potential to support activities and life systems. Vehicle for these provocations is a mixed use, urban infill project of modest size.

The studio will explore the opportunities of three infill sites in downtown Lubbock. Each site is part of a different, but unique enclave defined as (1) entertainment district, (2) business/legal district and (3) arts district. Each student will chose one of these three sites to envision a developing downtown Lubbock with a tectonic insertion. The studio will engage the public as part of the First Friday Art Trail in February, March, April and May 2013. Student participation on each of these first Fridays of the month, 6 – 9 pm is required. A field trip to Austin to study urban insertions and infill projects is scheduled for Monday, February 4th. We will travel to Austin Sunday so we can get an early start on Monday and conclude on Monday by 4:00 pm to allow you to catch the 5:40 pm flight to Lubbock.