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This wiki-web site is a dynamic repository and place of exchange for the cultural life of the College of Architecture at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. As a wiki the site is authored and edited by the extended community of the college—faculty, staff, and students—rather than by a select group of web masters. The goal is to more fully present the range of activity occurring within the college and to locate the challenge of authorship with every member of the community. Ultimately this site is about open exchange and interaction. With this comes the responsibility of the community to mange content and the nature of dialog.


About the College of Architecture Wiki-Web

Wiki-Web History

The College of Architecture Wiki-Web was developed in the spring of 2009 to create a more dynamic platform of exchange and dissemination for the college. It was inspired by Yale School of Art website developed by Tamara Maletic and Dan Michaelson of Linked by Air. The initial Wiki-Web was designed by Zach Pauls with programming developed by Denny Mingus, and conceptualization by Chris Taylor. Then Chair of Instruction Brian Rex and Dean Andrew Vernooy were instrumental in the development of the site. Success of the ongoing development of site hinges on the active participation of the college community.

Wiki-Web Development

The wiki-web site was developed with Media Wiki software on a server hosted by the college. Denny Mingus created the log in interface to coordinate security permissions with the university's electronic identification protocols and he integrated plugins to extend the MediaWiki functionality.

Wiki-Web Precedents

Yale School of Art
Listing of educational wikis
Coop's Word on Educational Technology listing of examples

Making the best use of the College of Architecture Wiki-Web

Exploring the Wiki-Web

Unlike a conventional website with linear structure and site map, the wiki-web is best understood as an open network or matrix of relationships. Therefore the ability to search is essential. Rather than looking for information through pull down menus use the search function to identify and locate material. Help material can be found here.

Basic Navigation in the Wiki-Web

Develop and insert text. Look to Basic Navigation in Wikipedia as an example. Include information about the importance of using search rather than looking to a site map or hierarchical tree.

Using Wiki-Web as a multivalent tool

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Contributing to the College of Architecture Wiki-Web

Editing Wiki-Web pages

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Wiki-Web content criteria

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Editorial administration, oversight and management

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Community Editing Policy

Handling disputes and abuse

Develop and insert text. Look to Handling disputes and abuse as an example.

Editorial quality review

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Technical attributes

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Feedback and questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Wiki

Giving feedback

Feedback can be posted at Web Site Feedback and Commentary.

Community discussion

See Help:Use of the Discussion Pages.

Contacting individual editors

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Related Projects

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See Also

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Further Reading