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Alexander Bingham

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Alexander Bingham

From: Dripping Springs, TX


Past Studios

Arch 1412: P_Rex, Brian
Arch 2501: P_Taylor, Chris ,Director of Land Arts of the American West
Arch 2502: P_Ajlouni, Rima Al , PhD.
Arch 3501: P_Aranha, Joseph L.
Arch 3502: P_Flueckiger, Urs Peter
Arch 4501 Paris: P_Ellis, Clifton, PhD., Associate Dean of Academics and Vernooy, Andrew, Dean
Arch 5501 Land Arts of the American West: Taylor, Chris
Arch 5901 Comprehensive Studio: P_ Neiman, Bennett
Arch 5502 Urban Studio: Smith, Gary and Driskill, David
Arch 5501 Visting Critique Studio: