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Arch 5501-302 Mexico

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Arch 5501-302 Mexico Collaboration Studio spring 2010

The Mexico Collaboration Studio will be offered in spring 2010. This architectural design studio provides students with an opportunity to collaborate with and work alongside architecture students from the Universidad de las Americas, Puebla (UDLAP) on a design for urban development/ re-development of a site in the city of Puebla, Mexico.

The studio includes an 8 day field visit to Mexico City and Puebla in the early part of the semester (February 2010). In order to have sufficient time to obtain passports, schedule flights and book accommodations it is necessary to be enrolled in this class before the Thanksgiving Break.

Students who are interested in this studio and who need further details please email, meet with or put their names and contact information on a sign-up sheet outside Professor Aranha's office, 1002B ASAP.