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Celeste Martinez

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File:20090311 arch2502 007.jpg

Contact Information:

p: (432) 413-6573

  • religion died a hundred years ago and the artist has taken over
| -thom mayne
  • I have no problem with beauty, but it isn't very interesting
| -tibor kalman


|ARCH 2501 Neiman Fall 2008
ARCH 2502 Taylor Spring 2009
ARCH 3501 Upe Fall 2009
ARCH 3502 Pongratz Spring 2010
|ARCH 4601 Berlin Summer 2010

Other Architecture Courses & Projects:

ARCH 4341-092 Media Elective|Poetic Potential of Computers Fall 2010
|ARCH 4354 Park Fall 2010
Honorable Mention_Dean's Cup 2010
Best in Show_Dean's Cup 2011

Teaching Assistant:

ARCH 1412 Spring 2010
|ARCH 1412 Spring 2011


-SORC Representative
|Knights of Architecture
-SORC Representative
|Tau Sigma Delta
|National Society of Collegiate Scholars