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Committee Assignments

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Committee Assignments 2009 – 2010

Tenure / Tenure Track

  1. Aljouni, Rima: Grade Appeals; Viz; Awards
  2. Aranha, Joe: Exhibit; Grad Admissions
  3. Buelinckx, Hendrika LPMD; Undergrad Admissions; Computer Lab
  4. Davis, Jimmy: Exhibit, Grade Appeals;
  5. Driskill, David Community Design; Downtown Studio;
  6. Ellis, Clifton HP; RDC; Scholarship
  7. Flueckiger, Upe LPMD; Grad Admissions; Distance Learning
  8. Gomez, Javier Scholarship; Library; Shop
  9. Haq, Saif LMPD; Curriculum; Grad Admissions
  10. Hill, Glenn Viz; Distance Tech; RDC;
  11. Jaddo, Lahib Undergrad Admissions; Exhibit
  12. Louden, Elizabeth HP; Curriculum; Distance Learning
  13. Martin, Michael Exhibit; Shop; Computer Lab
  14. Neiman, Bennett DDF; Awards; UG Amissions; Library
  15. Park, Kuhn Curriculum; Computer Lab
  16. Perbellini, Maria Curriculum; Lecture; DDF
  17. Perl, Robert Viz; Computer Lab
  18. Peters, Michael Curriculum; Community Design
  19. Pongratz, Christian Lecture; DDF
  20. Rex, Brian Land Arts; Curriculum; RDC; Shop
  21. Shacklette, Ben RDC; UG Admissions; Post-Pro Grad Council
  22. Smith, Gary HP; RDC
  23. Taylor, Chris Land Arts; Lecture; Shop
  24. Torres-McDonald, M-A Community Design, Distance Learning
  25. Watkins, James Land Arts; Awards; Grade Appeals;
  26. White, Jim RDC; Awards; Grad Admit; Library; Post-Pro
  27. White, John RDC; HP; Scholarship
  28. Zugay, Brian HP; Scholarship; Library; Grade Appeals

There are four types of committees. Each type serves a distinct purpose for the College. The committees all respond to the mission of the College. Committee membership and work fits into the area of service (service, scholarship, teaching) at Texas Tech. Committee work, along with other service work, makes up 1/3 of a faculty member’s responsibility to the College and University. Each committee page can be set up to hold minutes, members, and working documents. See Sample Committee as a guide.

Program Committees

Introduce and refine issues pertaining to a particular program within the College. The program committees are intended to move the College forward. They assist the college in meeting its goals and adhering to its mission statement. These programs include: LPMD, Historic Preservation, Visualization and Community Design. Each committee is composed of all faculty members associated with that program plus two rotating faculty –at-large. Decisions are made on the basis of all attending committee members. Program Committees shall meet once a month.

Community Design Committee

Historic Preservation Committee

LPMD Committee

Visualization Committee

Land Arts Committee

Digital Design & Fabrication Committee

Service Committees

All faculty members serve on at least one service committee. Service committees fall under one of two types: administrative or task. Administrative service committees fall under the authority of the administration. For example, the Graduate Admissions Committee is chaired by an administrator who can then report back to the Dean’s Council (Dean, Associate Dean of Research, Associate Dean of Academics and Chair of Instruction). The task service committees are chaired by a faculty member. Membership on these committees would normally be for two years with one member designated as chair-elect. The membership is determined by rotation, but faculty members can request participation on the committee assignment form distributed each year. These committees are made up of a combination of faculty and administrative members. They serve to accomplish certain aspects of college life. Service Committees shall meet once a month. (Terms expire August 31 of the year listed in parenthesis.)

Awards Committee

Curriculum / Coordinators Committee

Exhibit Committee

Lecture Committee

Grade Appeals Committee

Scholarship Committee

Graduate Admissions Committee

Distance & Instructional Technology Committee

Undergraduate Admissions Committee

Advisory Committees

Advisory Committees provide long-term and intermediate guidelines to centers of instructional resource within the College: The Shop, The Library, The Computer Lab and The Research and Design Center. These committees will include three members of the faculty plus one staff member. The Chair in each of these committees serves in an administrative capacity for the College. The faculty will rotate through the committees every two years. Advisory Committees shall meet once a month. (Terms expire August 31 of the year listed in parenthesis.)

Computer Lab Advisory Committee

Library Advisory Committee

Research and Design Center Advisory Committee

Shop Advisory Committee

Standing Committees

Membership on standing committees is determined by a faculty member’s ‘standing’ in the college. For example: All Full Professors serve on the Senior Faculty Council. Consequently, Standing Committee involvement is a responsibility commensurate with investiture. These committees meet as needed.

Administrative Council

This committee membership is made up of the CoA Dean’s Council, Assistant Deans, Director of Computing, Director of Facilities and the Executive Staff. The Dean serves as Chair

Dean’s Council

This committee consists of the Dean, Associate Deans, the Chair of Instruction, and Supervisor of Recruitment, Advising and Placement. The Dean serves as Chair of this committee.

Advancement Committee

This committee is made up of the Dean, the former Dean, the College Development Officer, the Associate Dean for Academics, the Associate Dean for Research, the Director of Recruitment, Advising and Placement, the Executive Associate to the Dean, and the Coordinator of Professional Information. The Dean serves as Chair of the committee.

Graduate Faculty Committee

This committee is made up of all graduate faculty in the College as determined by the Graduate School. The Chair of Instruction serves as Chair of the committee.

Post Professional Graduate Studies Council

This committee is made up of the Directors of the Academic Programs and two rotating at-large faculty members. The Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies serves as Chair of this committee. At-Large Faculty:

Senior Faculty Council

This committee is made up of all the Full Professors in the College. The Dean serves as Chair of the committee.

Tenure-Track Faculty Committee

This committee is made up of all tenure-track faculty in the college. The Dean serves as Chair of the committee.

Tenured Faculty Committee

This committee is made up of all tenured faculty in the College. The Associate Dean for Academics serves as Chair of the committee.

Faculty Committee

This committee is made up of all tenured and tenure-track faculty. Committees report to the Faculty Committee, which then reports to the Dean. The Chair of Instruction is Chair of this Committee.