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Culture of Making - Dream Plan

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2 May 2013
Submited by Chris Taylor

DREAM PLAN - New Art Building

  • Construct new building near 3D art annex to unify School of Art in single compound providing 2D and graduate studios, lecture and gallery facilities, and faculty and administration offices.
  • Move College of Architecture into former art building to provide additional space for growth of college: graduate programs, faculty research, campus profile.
  • Architecture administrative offices move to ground floor to improve wayfinding facilitating interaction with campus and public.
  • Existing architecture tower floor plates opened to create integrated studios. Architecture to occupy all floors.
  • Activate existing courtyard as large scale fabrication space and ring with laboratory spaces that benefit from adjacent access.
  • Locate specialized studios and program specific spaces in former art building to free studio plates in architecture tower.

DREAM PLAN - Area Summary

Space Area (sq. ft) note # of floors floor plate area
Existing Architecture Building110,700912,300
Total Exist. Arch. conditioned area110,700
Existing Art Building50,514316,838
Existing Art in Architecture Bldg.24,600212,300
Existing Art 3D Annex27,412
Total Exist. Art conditioned area102,526
New Architecture Building total135,30022%1112,300
Art Building50,514316,838
Total New Architecture cond. area185,81468%gain (total building)
New Art Building100,0002.540,000
Existing Art 3D Annex27,412
Total New Art cond. area127,41224%

Culture of Making Committee