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Culture of Making - Plan B

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2 May 2013
Submited by Chris Taylor

PLAN B - Flip Shops

Plan B Overview Plan B Overview - PDF

Detail Plan B North Detail Plan B North- PDF

Detail Plan B South 200px|Detail Plan B South- PDF

  • Introduce power, dust collection and compressed air to meet needs in all shops.
  • Move Wood shop to north end of building creating more productive and safer machinery arrangement and use.
  • Replace/remove brick floor in north shop to increase safety.
  • Move Metal shop outside to north courtyard constructing a minimal shelter and cage areas to secure machinery and tools.
  • Move Model shop to south end of building.
  • Occupy room 7 for 24hr access space where students can conduct hand too based shop work.
  • Use small gallery for 3D Print shop.
  • Locate CNC/Robot shop in former Metal shop and storage location.
  • Construct exterior clean finish room south of building.

PLAN B - Area Summary

Space Area (sq. ft) note
Existing Wood Shop1,658
Existing Metal Shop800
Existing Model Shop2,742
Existing Storage221
Total Exist. conditioned area5,200
Total Exist. Storage221
Total Exist. Shop area5,421
New Wood Shop1,658
New Metal Shop (exterior)1,600
New Common Area1,072
New Model Shop1,658
New CNC / Robot Shop1,000
New 3D Print Shop325
New Finishing Room320
New Exterior Fabrication area 11,775
Total New conditioned area5,71310%gain
Total New Unconditioned area1,920
Total New Exterior Fab. area1,775
Total New Shop area9,40874%gain

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