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Culture of Making - Plan C

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2 May 2013
Submited by Chris Taylor

PLAN C - Courtyard Activation

Plan C Overview Plan C Overview - PDF

Detail Plan C North Detail Plan C North - PDF

Detail Plan C South Detail Plan C South - PDF

  • Introduce power, dust collection and compressed air to meet needs in all shops.
  • Create new exterior work areas in north courtyard.
  • Move metal shop into existing Model shop with access outside to north courtyard.
  • Replace/remove brick floor in north shop to increase safety.
  • Increase wood shop area in existing location.
  • Occupy room 7 for CNC/Robot shop.
  • Use small gallery for 3D Print shop.
  • Construct exterior clean finish room south of building.

PLAN C - Area Summary

Space Area (sq. ft) note
Existing Wood Shop1,658
Existing Metal Shop800
Existing Model Shop2,742
Existing Storage221
Total Exist. conditioned area5,200
Total Exist. Storage221
Total Exist. Shop area5,421
-- -
Expanded Wood Shop2,658
New Metal Shop1,000
New Model Shop1,658
New CNC / Robot Shop1,000
New 3D Print Shop325
New Finishing Room320
New Exterior Fabrication area 14,388
Total New conditioned area6,64128%gain
Total New Unconditioned area1,320
Total New Exterior Fab. area4,388
Total New Shop area12,349128%gain

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