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Culture of Making Committee

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Definition / Charge

The Culture of Making committee was created by Dean Vernooy at the 7 December 2012 meeting to discuss the development and improvement of the fabrication capabilities of the college shops and laboratories. Committee membership is self designated through participation in meetings and work contributions.

Goal / Timetable

  1. Establish a comprehensive and integrated master plan for the college laboratory facilities by the end of Spring 2013.
  2. Develop a near term plan for the newly acquired funds for capital improvements of the college laboratory facilities (Due ?).


Meeting Minutes

7 December 2012 Fabrication Research and Shop Renovation Meeting
1 May 2013 Culture of Making Committee Meeting
14 May 2013 Culture of Making Committee Meeting

Master Plan

Culture of Making Master Plan
Index of Proposed Laboratory Equipment and Machinery
Index of Proposed Laboratory Space Requirements


Examples of Peer Institution Laboratories
Culture of Making Needs and Wants List

Existing Conditions:
Current Shop Equipment > see below also
Interdisciplinary Design Research Laboratory Equipment
Index of Current Wood Metal Shop Equipment and Machinery


20130501 Culture of Making Master Plan Report
Culture of Making - Dream Plan
Culture of Making - Plan A
Culture of Making - Plan B
Culture of Making - Plan C
Culture of Making - Plan D
Culture of Making - Plan E

Drawings of Space Planning:

Base Building Drawings



New Master Area Plan A

Mezzanine & Small Addition (Robotics lab):

plan option 03
plan option 04

Mezzanine & Small Addition (wet lab):

plan option 05
plan option 06

Large Addition (wet & dry labs):

plan option 07
plan option 08
plan option 09

Max. Addition (extension all sides):

plan option 10
plan option 11
plan option 12
plan option 13