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Faculty Accomplishments 2010

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Congratulations to our Faculty for their many accomplishments this year!

  • David Driskill, Urban Tech (The Texas Tech University College of Architecture Design Center) opens this fall at the Louise H Underwood Center for the Arts. Urban Tech is funded in part by grants from The CH Foundation and the TJ and Margaret Talkington Foundation. David A. Driskill, AIA, LEED AP is the Director.

  • Jimmy Davis, recently had a watercolor painting with strong architectural content accepted in The Pittsburg Watercolor Society’s “Aqueous Open”, an international juried competition. The exhibition will be in October.

  • Rob Diaz, Brittany (Haas) and I are the 2010 North Texas Winners of the USGBC Natural Talent Design Competition. Our work is being judged this weekend by a board of jurors and we will hear the final results coming this following week. Our work is on display on the visual monitors in the college.

  • Javier Gomez, designed The Madame Tussaud's Building on Hollywood Boulevard, together with Michael Rotondi and received an award as the Best Retail Building of 2010, from the 40th Los Angeles Architectural Awards.

  • Prof. Maria Perbellini, May 2010- her proposal with the title “Crafting Parametric Surface Structures “ was accepted for a presentation at the 5th International Conference on Design Principles and Practices. The Conference will be at the University La Sapienza, in Rome, Italy, in February 2011.

  • Prof. Christian Pongratz, June 2010- was invited as key-note speaker at the Conference “From the fashion to the culture of Sustainability“ in Verona, Italy, with the support of the Verona’s Architects Chamber and the City of Verona.

  • Prof. Christian Pongratz (P.I.) and Prof. Maria Perbellini (co P.I.), May 2010- submitted a NSF proposal for $200.000 Grant “The Architectural Geometry of Surfaces”, in team with faculty from the department of Mathematics and Statistics.