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This site is driven by a MediaWiki, more information can be found at If you are unfamiliar with how a wiki works spend some time with the introductory material.


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Sandbox for experimenting and learning wiki markup.

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To create a link from a system generated user page to a more sensibly named page see Help:Redirecting User Pages.

Working with Images

Image Formatting and Uploading Guidelines

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Embedding videos in wiki text

Setting Preferences for Watching Pages

Watching a page allows you to keep track of content you are interested in and of any edits that are made on the page. To be notified of these changes a valid email address must be added manually to your user profile. To do this first log in, the select my preferences from the gray side bar (below your user name). On the user profile tab enter your email address in the appropriate field. Then scroll down to the Email section and select the boxes that are appropriate to the types of notification you would like to receive. Then click save.

To watch any page select the watch link in the gray side bar or the "Watch this page" on the edit screen. You can decide to un-watch any page in the future. Watching pages is a good way to stay connected to developing content---like course pages.



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