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Users who are logged in can reference any wiki page as an news page simply by adding the news category tag into the page. Tags appearing anywhere on the page will be displayed at the bottom of the page. Individual pages for news items can be created with the associated information.

For the page to appear in the site News listing on the News and Announcements page, the referenced page must include the following AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE:

<newstitle>News Story Title</newstitle>

<teaser>New story teaser content. Will only be displayed on the News and Announcement listing page, not when the individual page is displayed. Please keep it compact and clear. </teaser>

Main article text and any content to be displayed on the page follows as with any other wiki page.


Including the teaser above formatted text will cause the plugin to break and all content to be rendered as the teaser. Be sure the above tags are included at the bottom of the page to insure proper display.

Inclusion of the New Category and Teaser tags are the most important details to making this work. Visit other News pages that display properly for examples.