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How to log in

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Logging In

Any member of the College of Architecture community that has a valid eRaider account and password can log in to edit content. Log in using the following steps:

  • Click the "Log in" link in the grey side bar.
  • This will open the Texas Tech eRaider login screen.
  • Enter your credentials.
  • Once entered you will be returned to the site and you should receive a message that you are logged in. (If the Log in link remains on the left click it again to refresh the page. There have been some occasional caching issues.)
  • Once you are logged in additional options will appear in left side bar. These include:
Links to Edit, Discussion, History... these are the links used to manipulate the current page.
Links to the site Main Page, Community Portal, Events, Help and some additional system links.
Below that will display your user name and links associated with your account. If you click on "my preferences" you can enter an email address to your account. This is helpful if you want to "Watch" any pages. With email enabled the wiki admin system will send you an email if there are any edits to a page you are watching.